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Dr. Paschotta, the founder of RP Photonics, supports your R & D with his deep expertise. Save time and money with efficient support!

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Powerful simulation software for fiber lasers and amplifiers, resonator design, pulse propagation and multilayer coating design.

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The famous Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology provides a wealth of high-quality scientific and technical information.

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In the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, you easily find suppliers for photo­nics products. As a supp­lier, you can profit from enhanced entries!

The best place for finding photonics suppliers!

Why is the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide the ideal place for finding suppliers?

The RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

There are various buyer's guides … but this is the one next to the famous Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology – with supplier listings always being just a click away from an encyclopedia article!

The Best For Readers

Comprehensive & high quality information

Find hundreds of products and suppliers in the field of photonics, including laser technology, fiber optics and general optics and others.

Popular photonics encyclopedia

You are probably using already the extremely popular Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology, which is intimately linked with our buyer's guide. One click from there, and you are here!

Easy to use

Clear page layout, not cluttered with ads – just get what you really search for. Fast response even on tablets. No registration required.


An increasing number of product listings is equipped with a convenient check list; see for example the entries on fibers.

Excellent reputation

RP Photonics enjoys an excellent reputation for technical quality, reliability and diligent service among academic and industry users.

Respecting your privacy

Many website operators are collecting user data and use them in questionable ways (e.g. for targeted spam). Be sure that we never engage in any such activities. We do not attempt any user tracking.

The Best For Advertisers

Extraordinary Google ranking

Our website has one of the highest search engine rankings of all photonics websites!

Huge traffic

The encyclopedia and buyer's guide have far over 50'000 unique visitors in one month! See our detailed usage statistics.

100% audience match

Photonics experts from industry and research use this website – exactly those you need to reach!

Visibility for your products
and your brand

is much improved with enhanced company and product entries, banners, etc.

Attractive conditions

For less than the cost of a single print ad, we give you great visibility for a full year!
See our Media Data.

Helpful service

If you need help for getting your enhanced entries, we can enter the information for you in a session with a screen sharing software.

Get started!

Make your enhanced entries in this buyer's guide and do special promotions with a banner.

For more information, see our page on advertising or just contact us!

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