Yb amplifier with ASE

Here, we simulate an amplifier based on an Yb-doped fiber. The numerical and graphical outputs are displayed with an html file.

Input Parameters

Fiber length:2 m
Fiber type:Yb-germanosilicate
Wavelength:940 nm1040 nm
Mode radius:3.8 µm4 µm
Input power:500 mW1 mW
Losses:0 dB / m0 dB / m

Numerical Outputs

pumpsignalforward ASEbackward ASE
Output power:9.31 mW222 mW1.59 mW120 mW
Gain:-17.3 dB23.5 dB


powers vs. position

Fig. 1: Here, we show how the optical powers at various wavelengths vary within the fiber.

ASE spectrum

Fig. 2: This shows the spectrum of forward and backward ASE with a logarithmic (dB) vertical scale.

variation of pump power

Fig. 3: The outputs are plotted as functions of the pump power.

variation of signal power

Fig. 4: The outputs are plotted as functions of the signal input power.