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Where to Buy Rare-earth-doped Fibers


Definition: optical glass fibers which are doped with rare earth ions

15 suppliers for rare-earth-doped fibers are listed in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide. Both manufacturers and distributors can be registered.

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Scientific and Technical Information

Read our encyclopedia article on rare-earth-doped fibers!

See also the related articles on rare-earth-doped gain media, fibers, double-clad fibers, fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, photodarkening and specialty fibers.

Before buying, get informed on the tech­nical back­ground. The Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology presents a large volume of high-quality scientific and technical information.

Check List for Rare-earth-doped Fibers

Click here to see a check list before buying such products!
  • What kind of laser-active dopant do you need – Er3+, Yb3+, Nd3+, Tm3+ or anything else?
  • Can it be a kind of silica fiber, or do you require some specialty glass, e.g. a fluoride fiber?
  • What doping concentration do you need? Alternatively, manufacturers often specify the absorption at some given wavelength(s).
  • What is the fiber's quality? Is the power conversion efficiency reduced by quenching effects and the like?
  • What is the effective mode area or mode radius? (There are special large mode area fibers.)
  • (For single-mode fibers, the core diameter and numerical aperture are usually not relevant, if the mode area is known.)
  • (The propagation losses are usually not very relevant, except if an unusually long length of fiber is used.)
  • For double-clad fibers: what is the diameter and numerical aperture of the pump cladding? Is the pump cladding circular, elliptical or D-shaped?
  • How tight bending is possible, before the bend losses become too high?
  • How much optical average power can the fiber tolerate? (Additional properties at the launch end may still occur if too much power gets to the coating.)
  • What is the outer fiber diameter with and without protective coating?
  • What is the coating material? Is it a standard material which can be removed with a usual fiber stripper?
  • Can the fiber be cleaved with a standard fiber cleaver? (Fluoride fibers, for example, have quite different mechanical properties than silica fibers.)
  • Are there fiber couplers available for combining pump and signal inputs, or for separate pump and signal at the end?

Also have a look at the check list for general fibers and for double-clad fibers.

In case that you need additional advice, consultancy from RP Photonics may be the solution.

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Suppliers with Enhanced Product Entries
CompanyProduct Description

NKT Photonics

Blokken 84
3460 Birkerød

Quality: ISO 9000:2008
Social: Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube
Tel.: +45 4348 39 00
Fax: +45 4348 39 01
a range of truly single-mode rare-earth-doped fibers with very large mode area for high power laser applications – also available with end caps and connectors
Enhanced entries for rare-earth-doped fibers are available for just 240 € per year (or twice that with a product image displayed) – with strong rebates for multiple product entries.
All Suppliers
From your country:

Neolight Technologies LLC

4631 N. Malden St.
Chicago, IL 60640
United States
Tel.: +1 773 561 1410
Fax: +1 773 304 9856


7 Airport Park Road
East Granby, CT 06026
United States
Tel.: +1 866 466 0214
Fax: +1 860 844 0210

OFS Specialty Photonics Division

55 Darling Drive Avon, CT 06001
United States
Tel.: +1 860 678 0371
Fax: +1 860 674 8818


15 Centennial Drive
North Grafton, MA 01536
United States
Tel.: +1 508 890 7100
Fax: +1 508 839 6302
From your continent:

CorActive High-Tech Inc.

2700, Jean-Perrin, Suite 121
Quebec G2C 1S9
Tel.: +1 418 845 2466
Fax: +1 418 845 2609

nLight Photonics Corporation

5408 NE 88th Street Building E
Vancouver, WA 98665
Tel.: +1 360 566 4460
Fax: +1 360 546 1960
From other continents:

Elliot Scientific Ltd.

3 Allied Business Centre
Coldharbour Lane
Harpenden AL5 4UT
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 1582 76 6300
Fax: +44 1582 76 6340

Fibercore Limited

University Parkway
Chilworth Science Park
Southampton SO16 7QQ
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 23 8076 9893
Fax: +44 23 8076 9895


Parc D'Activite Wilson
Bât A1
69150 Decines Charpieu
Tel.: +33 428 27 00 75
Fax: +33 426 68 98 74

FiberLabs Inc.

KDDI Laboratories building, 2–1–15 Ohara, Fujimino-shi, Saitama, 356–8502
Tel.: +81 49 278 7829
Fax: +81 49 263 9328

Furukawa Electric

Marunouchi Nakadori Bldg.
2–3, Marunouchi 2-chome
Chiyodaku, Tokyo 100–8322

Le Verre Fluore

Rue Gabriel Voisin
Campus Kerlann
35170 Bruz, Brittany
Tel.: +33 2 99 05 31 30
Fax: +33 2 99 05 39 53

NKT Photonics

Blokken 84
3460 Birkerød

Quality: ISO 9000:2008
Social: Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube
Tel.: +45 4348 39 00
Fax: +45 4348 39 01
a range of truly single-mode rare-earth-doped fibers with very large mode area for high power laser applications – also available with end caps and connectors

Prysmian Group

Via Chiese 6
20126 – Milan

Raybium AB

Storgatan 90
851 70 Sundsvall

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