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Where to Buy Vertical External-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers

VECSELs are surface-emitting semiconductor lasers, which may be electrically or optically pumped. Particularly the optically pumped versions can emit very high output powers combined with excellent beam quality. VECSELs can be used to address many wavelengths for which traditional solid-state lasers have no suitable laser lines.

vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers
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Coherent Inc.

5100 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States
Tel.: +1 408 764 4000
Fax: +1 408 764 4800
Outside America:

AMS Technologies AG

Fraunhoferstr. 22
82152 Martinsried
Tel.: +49 89 89 57 70
Fax: +49 89 89 57 71 99

IL Photonics

511 Hashita
9955256 Beit Shemesh
Tel.: +972 2 9 92 35 32
Fax: +972 2 9 92 14 80

Polytec GmbH

Polytec-Platz 1–7
76337 Waldbronn
Tel.: +49 7243 6 04 17 20

Vexlum Ltd

Korkeakoulunkatu 3
33720 Tampere
Tel.: +35 84084 1 78 26

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