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ACM Coatings GmbH (subsidiary of Acktar Ltd.)
Jakobsring 3
06618 Naumburg (Saale)
Tel.:+49 3445 781565-0
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Company Description

Acktar is specialized in light-absorbing, ultra-black coatings and foils. They are applicable in a wide range of industries, such as photonics, aerospace, laser technology, technical optics, sensor technology, metrology, medical technology and diagnostics, biotechnology and industrial image processing.

The patented, proprietary vacuum coating technology creates unique surface structures with exceptional properties in technical optics to:

The deep black coatings and foils can be applied to many different surfaces (including metal, glass, silicone, ceramics, plastics).

The coating thickness is in the range of a few micrometers. By controlling the composition and morphology of the coating microstructure, it can be tailored to achieve the desired absorption or reflection levels over a wide range of wavelengths (EUV-UV, VIS, NIR-FIR).

AcktarBlack coatings have been qualified for demanding applications, e.g. in space, semiconductors or ultra-high vacuum, through numerous testings by authorized bodies.

Acktar Ltd. is a globally recognized leading provider of deep-black inorganic, non-toxic and non-outgassing coatings and foils. Both at the headquarters and at the German subsidiary ACM Coatings GmbH – the EU directive RoHS 2011/65/EU and the Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 REACH are implemented consistently. AcktarBlack coatings and foils thus offer an outstanding RoHS and REACH compliant alternative to black chromium coatings.


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beam dumpsS Ebeam dumps from Acktar

Acktar's laser beam dumps increase safety and reduce the risk of laser damage by trapping the beam entered into the aperture. They fit for most beam sizes and can be used in a lab or any other optical system. They are suitable for CW and pulsed beams up to 20 W/cm2 (tested value). They are available for a wide wavelength range from EUV through VIS and up to the LWIR.

The built-in mounting suits a standard optical stand (M6 × 1.0) and can be easily held. In addition to the unique design the advantage of having Acktar’s coatings implemented into the device you get the reflectivity factor of less than 10−6.

black coatingsS Eblack coatings from Acktar

AcktarBlack™ Direct Coating Services suppress stray light in high-performance optics with no extra effort using advanced optical black coatings for stray light absorption in ultra-violet, visible light spectrum and infrared wavelengths. Extremely low reflectance, high thermal stability, high absorptance, high emissivity, excellent adhesion to essentially all materials and low outgassing in a few microns of a coating.

You say when, and we coat it for you!

AcktarBlack™ coatings are available not only for direct application to parts, but also as coated foil or film. The coated foils enable the customer to benefit from Acktar coatings performance without sending the parts to Acktar. This is an ideal solution for very large quantities, over-sized part areas and for contaminated environments where the light absorbing surface needs to be periodically renewed. The black foil coating are available with or without an adhesive backing as sheets, die-cuts or roll.

optical aperturesS Eoptical apertures from Acktar

Acktar blackened pinholes, air slits etc. are ideal for light aperture applications where back reflections from light sources are a concern. These optical apertures feature stainless steel substrates coated with Acktar Black™ coating, which is a super black, low reflectance coating used in wavelengths from the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to the short-wave infrared (SWIR). This wide-band coating is stable in temperatures up to 380 °C and has no particulation from use. Acktar Blackened optical apertures can be coated on both sides, including the slit edges if needed, and are available unmounted or mounted for increased mechanical stability.

opto-mechanicsS Eopto-mechanics from Acktar

Acktar black-coated optomechanical components and mounts for optical applications are perfect to reduce noise, unwanted reflections and increase the efficiency of the optical system.

Optical baffles, apertures, beam dumps, extension tubes, blackened lenses, DMD projector parts, remote sensing targets, optical choppers, edge blackened optics can be purchased online or choose Acktar coating services to blacken and coat your parts for best optical performance.

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