RP Photonics

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AMS Technologies AG

AMS Technologies AG
Fraunhoferstr. 22
82152 Martinsried

Tel.:+49 89 89 57 70
Fax:+49 89 89 57 71 99


ProductAlternative Suppliers
angle cleaving (equipment for … of fibers)
arrayed waveguide gratings
Brillouin lasers
dispersion compensation modules
fiber-optic tool kits
fluorescent lamps
helium-cadmium lasers
microlasersRPMC Lasers
nitrogen lasers
polarization controllers
pyroelectric detectors
Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors
silica fibers
tapered amplifiersTOPTICA Photonics
tapered laser diodesTOPTICA Photonics
thermoelectric coolers
tungstate lasers (tungstate lasers or laser crystals)
vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VECSELs)Vexlum
volume Bragg gratings

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