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Company profile:

APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH

APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH
Plauener Stra├če 163–165 / Haus N
13053 Berlin

Tel.:+49 30 98 60 11 30
Fax:+49 30 9 86 01 13 33
Social media:LinkedIn, YouTube

Company Description

APE GmbH is a worldwide operating developer and manufacturer of instruments for the generation of ultrashort laser pulses with widely tunable wavelength as well as devices for pulse measurement and management.

The company is the international market leader in the field of Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs) and the diagnostics of ultrashort laser pulses. Beyond that, suitable accessories pulse pickers, acousto-optics and devices for harmonic generation are part of the APE product portfolio.

APE devices are used worldwide and can be found in almost all renowned research institutes and universities, the main field of application being basic research in physics, chemistry, biology and medical science. APE devices are also increasingly used in industrial production and medical applications.


See us at CLEO 2019 in San Jose, May 5 – 10 (booth 1426)!



APE Autocorrelators:

- pulseCheck: multitalent for any task

- Mini TPA: compact and tuning-free

- Mini PD: routine tasks with a fixed wavelength range

- Carpe: first choice for multiphoton microscopy

acousto-optic modulators (… and deflectors)
amplifiers (optical …)
cavity dumping (equipment for … and cavity-dumped lasers)
dispersion compensation (equipment for …)
dispersion management (equipment for …)
electro-optic modulators
frequency doubling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
frequency quadrupling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
frequency tripling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
frequency-resolved optical gating (equipment for FROG measurements)
mid-infrared laser sources
mode locking (mode-locked lasers and equipment for …)
nonlinear frequency conversion (equipment for …)
optical modulators
optical parametric amplifiers
optical parametric oscillators
picosecond lasers
pulse characterization (equipment for …)
pulse duration (equipment for … measurements)
pulse pickers
pulse shapers
pump-probe measurements (equipment for pump-probe measurements)
Raman spectroscopy (equipment for …)
spectral interferometry (equipment for …)
spectroscopy (equipment for …)
ultrafast amplifiers
ultraviolet lasers
ultraviolet light (… sources)

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