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art photonics

Broad spectra fiber solutions

art photonics GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 46
12489 Berlin
Tel.:+49 30 67 79 88 70
Fax:+49 30 6 77 98 87 99
Website:web link
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Quality certificate:ISO 9001:2015

Company Description

art photonics GmbH, founded in Berlin in 1998, is one of the worldwide leaders in development and production of specialty fiber products for a broad spectrum from 300 nm to 16 µm. Unique technologies of polycrystalline mid infrared (PIR-) fibers and metal-coated silica fibers are used for assembly of various spectroscopy probes for medical diagnostics and industrial process control, in volume production of fiber cables and bundles for medical and industrial lasers and for many other applications.


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News: In 2021 art photonics GmbH has developed and launched a range of new spectroscopy fiber probes.

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Product categoryEncDescription
beam delivery systemsS Ebeam delivery systems from art photonics

Our Mid-IR Optical System includes a hollow silica glass waveguides (HWG) cable, which provides flexible delivery of radiation in the mid-IR spectral range (from 2 μm to 18 μm) in the form of weakly divergent beams. HWG cables are free from Fresnel reflection losses at their ends due to their hollow core structure. This advantage and the small numerical aperture (<0.1) of the output beam make HWG preferable for laser power delivery. The flexible beam delivery system for Er:YAG, CO and CO2 lasers includes an adjustable focusing coupler with pilot beam channel and cooling gas inlet – to be fixed on laser head. Output of the cable could be connected with focusing or collimating handpiece.

fiber bundlesS Efiber bundles from art photonics

art photonics produces fiber bundles for different spectral ranges:

Round-to-Round (R/R) and Round-to-Line (R/L) fiber bundles are most popular, since they are used in a wide range of fiber-optic sensors and probes.

art photonics offers optical fiber bundles in straight, bifurcated (Y-cable) and multi-furcate design.

For spectroscopic fiber probes we are offering metal-coated fiber bundles, which suppress cross-talk between fibers, resulting in a signal/noise ratio which is higher than in similar bundles with fiber polymer coatings.

fiber cablesS Efiber cables from art photonics

Fiber-optic laser cables from art photonics are the best for laser power delivery with high brightness and beam quality. Robust design of laser cables secure long-term use for industrial and medical applications.

Our specialty is to provide high temperature assemblies (up to 600 °C) for high power and/or vacuum applications by using metal-coated silica fibers. Bundles of metal-coated fibers can combine power from many laser modules to reach multi-kW output powers.

Our manufacturing technologies assure precise fiber position inside the connector ferrule and a perfect surface quality of the fiber end.

fiber collimatorsS Efiber collimators from art photonics

Our mid-IR focusing and collimating objectives are designed for use with infrared fiber-optic cables and bundles.

The housing of the lens easily connects to fiber-optic cables either with FC/PC or with SMA connectors and enables Z-axis alignment.

Mid-IR lenses are available with anti-reflection (AR) coating for two spectral ranges:

  • 3–5 µm – for chalcogenide fiber cables
  • 8–12 μm – for silver halide fiber cables
fiber launch systemsS Efiber launch systems from art photonics

art photonics offers high quality fiber launch systems for CO₂ and CO lasers:

  • robust and precise design with 0.2-µm positioning precision for easy alignment and centering of the lens to the laser beam
  • AR-coated ZnSe lens can be precisely positioned in the X-Y-Z planes with adjustable screws for most efficient coupling
  • up to 98% transmission at 5–6 µm and 10.6 µm
fiber opticsS Efiber optics from art photonics

art photonics’ offers special items in fiber optics:

fiber patch cablesS Efiber patch cables from art photonics

Our fiber-optic patch cables are suited for remote sensing, illumination and radiation detection, process spectroscopy, low power laser delivery etc. The robust design of the cables secures long term use. We offer a variety of step-index and graded-index multimode and single-mode silica fiber-optic cables with standard SMA, FC/PC, FC/APC or ST connectors. Custom ferrules can also be implemented upon inquiry.

fiber-optic probesSfiber-optic probes from art photonics

The FlexiSpec® product line includes innovative spectroscopic fiber-optic probes and probe couplers designed for in-line process spectroscopy in a broad spectral range: from 200 nm to 16 µm, e.g. for measuring ATR absorption, transmission or transflection spectra, or to perform diffuse reflection, fluorescent or multi-spectral analysis in conjunction with any FT-IR, FT-NIR or grating spectrometer. LED, QCL, MEMS or other type spectral sensors can be used in-field or in PAT applications, eliminating the need of time-consuming sample collection/preparation.

fluoride fibersS Efluoride fibers from art photonics

art photonics offers indium and zirconium fluoride glass fibers for transmission of infrared light. There are many single-mode and multimode versions, covering e.g. a wide range of core diameters from 7.5 μm to 680 μm.

Fiber cables with fluoride fibers are also available.

hollow-core fibersS Ehollow-core fibers from art photonics

art photonics offers hollow glass waveguides based on fused silica capillaries. Different transmission regions in the range 2–18 μm are possible. Inner diameters are between 500 and 1000 μm. A double polymer coating with high mechanical flexibility is used.

mid-infrared fibersS Emid-infrared fibers from art photonics

For the mid-IR spectral range, we produce

CIR fibers transmits infrared radiation in the spectral range of 1.1 μm – 6.5 μm. CIR- fibers with double polymer jacket provides a superior mechanical strength and high flexibility. Low optical losses ensure a successful use of CIR-fiber for a wide range of applications.

PIR fibers are transparent over a broad spectral range 3 μm – 17 μm. Low optical losses without absorption peaks over the mentioned spectral range ensure a successful use of PIR fiber for a broad range of applications.

The HWG design is a perfect option to transmit weakly divergent IR light in the mid IR range from 2 to 18 μm. High performance HWG are produced with double polymer jacket to secure a superior mechanical strength and high flexibility of HWGs.

spectroscopy equipmentS Espectroscopy equipment from art photonics

Our line of fiber couplers is suitable for attaching any fiber cable or fiber probe terminated with SMA 905 connectors to an FTIR spectrometer. Coupling probes with FT spectrometers provides process spectroscopy and reaction monitoring in-line without sampling.

FPC-6M was designed for big FTIR spectrometers based on a 6-mirror design providing the highest coupling efficiency. It can be installed in sample chambers of various FTIR spectrometers from Thermo Fisher: iS10, iS50, Nexus 670 and Nicolet 6700. The FPC-6M fiber probe coupler can be customized to match iBox, Bruker Tensor 27, Bruker IFS66, Bruker Equinox55 and some other industrial or lab FTIR-spectrometers.

FPC-2M fiber probe couplers fit to Nicolet™ Summit FTIR, Nicolet™ iS™ 5, FT-NIR spectrometers.

Universal fiber probe couplers match Bruker's VERTEX 70v series, JASCO FP-8600, Shimatzu IRSpirit, Agilent Cary 630, and PerkinElmer Spectrum Two™.

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