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AtGrating Technologies

AtGrating Technologies Co., Ltd.
#501, Bld. B, Chiwan Industry Park
Shekou, Nanshan
Shenzhen, 518068
Tel.:+86 755 2667 1425
Fax:+86 755 2667 6453
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Company Description

AtGrating is a professional supplier for optical fiber sensing. AtGrating offers industrial solutions by providing customized sensors and sensing instruments that add value, reduce uncertainty, and maximize performance from our customer systems.

Over many years of development, AtGrating has expanded its solo FBG products to a whole fiber sensing system. AtGrating’s Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensors are designed for measuring various measurands, such as static and dynamic pressure, strain, temperature, accelerometer, tilt, and displacement, etc. Raman distributed sensing (DTS) systems are also offered for oil & energy industries for intelligent well production process monitoring and reservoir asset management. AtGrating provided FBG based DTS cables will be customized to various industrial processes and production efficiency monitoring and diagnostics. AtGrating offers full support or consulting services for our products, technical assistance during installation, repair, and calibration services.

AtGrating Technologies

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News: AtGrating can provide FBG fiber optic reflectors with various package types: plug jack, pigtail and inline, with low insertion loss, high reflection, low variation, easy installation and competitive price.

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Star product: FBG fiber optic reflectors, also known as FBG filters, are usually installed at the front end of optical network ONUs. Combined with OTDR equipment, they can realize point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multipoint (PTMP) network monitoring of optical links. It can accurately and quickly reflect network anomalies in FTTx network links.

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fiber Bragg gratingsS Efiber Bragg gratings from AtGrating Technologies

AtGrating can provide high quality Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) for use in telecommunications, lasers and optical sensors. They are made with superior apodizing technologies.

See also our white paper on Fiber Optic Reflectors for FTTx Network Link Monitoring!

fiber-optic sensorsS Efiber-optic sensors from AtGrating Technologies

AtGrating Technologies offers armored FBG strain sensor cables with various kinds of FBG arrays (in a single spliceless fiber) embedded in protective interlayers made of PE, PU, nylon, hytrel, PEEK tube, glass fiber reinforced plastic or teflon. Different configurations are available concerning interrogation wavelengths, sensor spacing, optical connectors and cable materials.

optical displacement sensorsSoptical displacement sensors from AtGrating Technologies

Our FBG-based displacement sensor DST-01 is used for long-term measurement on large buildings and other concrete or steel structures, building settlements, displacements and landslides. The sensor is installed with a pulling rope, which can accurately and quickly measure the beam settlement, the displacement and deformation of the tunnel structure and the contact surface of the building. The device also contains a temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation.

optical filtersS Eoptical filters from AtGrating Technologies

Our OTDR FBG filters can be used for precisely analyzing power losses in fiber-optic telecom systems with optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR). They reflect the OTDR signal while fully transmitting (not disturbing) the data signal.

optical force and pressure sensorsSoptical force and pressure sensors from AtGrating Technologies

The FBG pressure sensor PT-01 is used for accurate measurement of fluid pressure such as liquid and gas. It is based on an industrial-grade design and uses a unique pressure elastic element as a sensing substrate. The sensor has a built-in temperature compensation FBG for getting accurate pressure measurements by eliminating the environmental temperature influence.

The PT-01 is embedded in hydraulic structures, in bedrock or installed in piezometric pipes, boreholes, dams, pipes and pressure vessels to measure water pressure of pores or liquid level. It can also be used for dam seepage and seepage pressure monitoring, pressure vessel measurement, oil, water and gas pressure measurements, and for water level monitoring.

optical sensing instrumentsSoptical sensing instruments from AtGrating Technologies

The FBG wavelength interrogator AGSWA is designed to be a robust, reliable and thus suitable for long-term field operation of FBG sensing systems. Based on a built-in wavelength analysis module, AGSWA can provide data with high accuracy and high update frequency.

AGSWA responds directly to the user commands of the optical interrogator core and outputs sensor wavelength data. It provides a single suite of tools for data acquisition, computation, and analysis of optical sensor networks.

optical sensorsS Eoptical sensors from AtGrating Technologies

Our packaged FBG sensor is an excellent fiber-optical sensor, especially for stress and strain measurements. It has advantages that no other sensor can match. Integration with materials as monitoring materials and structures creates most promising intelligent structures. With our high quality FBG sensors, you can measure temperature, strain, pressure, displacement, acceleration, tilt and even hydrostatic levels.

optical strain sensorsS Eoptical strain sensors from AtGrating Technologies

The surface-mounted FBG-based strain sensor MS-01 can meet the strain measurement needs of various applications. It is mainly used to measure the strain of steel structures and concrete surfaces, but can also be installed in different monitoring positions. The external strain is transmitted to the internal fiber grating through the sensor mounting base, and the high-precision fiber grating converts the sensed tiny strain into a sensitive optical wavelength, which is analyzed by an FBG interrogator.

optical switchesSoptical switches from AtGrating Technologies

The fiber-optic switch AGS14 is a non-mechanical designed fiber-optic device based on the Faraday effect with a birefringent crystal and micro-optical components. Without moving parts in the design, the switch can meet the high requirement on reliability, durability and high switching speed.

optical temperature sensorsS Eoptical temperature sensors from AtGrating Technologies

The FBG-based temperature sensor ST-01 uses stainless steel sleeve packaging technology, which has good anti-corrosion and sealing performance. High-strength armored optical cables are used for fiber lead input and output. The device is suitable for harsh measurement environments, can e.g. be directly buried in concrete structures for long-term temperature monitoring.

The ST-01 can be used for temperature monitoring on either the surface or inside different structures, and can be used for tunnel fire protection, buried temperature measurement, etc. It is widely used in bridges, dams, offshore oil platforms, large oil and gas tanks in oil and gas pipelines and other areas, and quasi-distributed accurate temperature measurement of large facilities or equipment in fields like electric power generation, military industry, fire protection, mining, aerospace and others.

optical tilt sensorsSoptical tilt sensors from AtGrating Technologies

The FBG-based tilt sensor TL-01 has a linear relationship between the reflection wavelength and the tilt angle. It is suitable for temporary or permanent monitoring. Multiple or other types of fiber grating sensors can be connected in series for real-time monitoring. It is easy to build a distributed sensor network.

The TL-01 sensor is suitable for surface-mounted installation. The sensor devices can also have a two-axis sensor combination. The sensor has a wide range of tilt monitoring applications, such as in bridge towers, power towers, high-rise buildings, and can also be used for shield tunnel convergence deformation monitoring, landslide monitoring, etc.

optical vibration sensorsSoptical vibration sensors from AtGrating Technologies

The FBG-based accelerometer AL-01 transmits the acceleration to the FBG after the FBG is properly packaged inside, and calculates the acceleration by measuring the wavelength shift of the fiber grating combined with the fast fiber grating interrogation technology.

The AL-01 uses the most advanced fiber grating sensing technology, resulting in small size, high sensitivity and high reliability. It can work in harsh environments for a long time. The sensors can also be used in two-axis or three-axis combinations through different structures. They are suitable for vibration monitoring of engines, generator pumps, bridges, roadbeds and other engineering structures.


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