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20 Fuxing Street
350014 Fuzhou, Fujian

Tel.:+86 591 8362 0115
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ProductToAlternative Suppliers
achromatic opticsS E
anamorphic prism pairsS E
anti-reflection coatingsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Laseroptik
aspheric opticsS EEKSMA OPTICS, G&H
beam collimatorsS EDPM Photonics, TOPTICA Photonics
beam combining opticsS EEKSMA OPTICS
beam delivery systemsS
beam expandersS EDPM Photonics, EKSMA OPTICS
birefringent materialsS E
birefringent tunersS E
Brewster platesS EEKSMA OPTICS
Brewster windowsS E
chirped mirrorsS ELaseroptik
chromium-doped gain mediaS E
coherent beam combining opticsS E
composite laser crystalsS E
crystal ovensS ECovesion, EKSMA OPTICS
custom opticsS EDPM Photonics, EKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik, LightMachinery, Photon LaserOptik
cutting and polishing servicesSEKSMA OPTICS, Photon LaserOptik
cylindrical lensesS EEKSMA OPTICS, Intrinsic Crystal Technology
dichroic mirrorsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
dielectric coatingsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Intrinsic Crystal Technology, Laseroptik
dielectric mirrorsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
dispersive mirrorsS ELaseroptik
electro-optic modulatorsS EEKSMA OPTICS
etalonsS ELightMachinery
Faraday isolatorsS ETOPTICA Photonics
Faraday rotatorsS E
fiber bundlesS E
fiber cablesS ETechnica Optical Components, TOPTICA Photonics
fiber collimatorsS E
fiber connectorsS E
fiber couplersS EG&H, TOPTICA Photonics
fiber opticsS ENKT Photonics
fiber polishing equipmentS
fiber-optic pump combinersS EG&H
fibersS EHBM FiberSensing, NKT Photonics, TOPTICA Photonics
first surface mirrorsS E
frequency quadrupling devicesS EAPE, EKSMA OPTICS, TOPTICA Photonics
frequency tripling devicesS EAPE, Covesion, EKSMA OPTICS
fusion splicersS E
gradient index lensesS E
green lasersS ELaser Quantum, NKT Photonics, RPMC Lasers, TOPTICA Photonics
high-power lasersS EEl.En., Laser Quantum
hollow-core fibersS ENKT Photonics
infrared opticsS EEKSMA OPTICS, G&H, Intrinsic Crystal Technology, Iridian Spectral Technologies, LightMachinery, NIL Technology
laser crystalsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Photon LaserOptik
laser gain mediaS ENKT Photonics
laser mirrorsS EEKSMA OPTICS, G&H, Laseroptik, TeraXion
laser pointersS E
laser resonatorsS E
laser scannersSEl.En.
laser-induced damage threshold measurements and equipmentS
lensesS EDPM Photonics, EKSMA OPTICS, Intrinsic Crystal Technology
metal-coated mirrorsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
microchip lasersS ERPMC Lasers
micro-opticsSNIL Technology
mid-infrared fibersS E
mirror mountsSEKSMA OPTICS
mirrorsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
multimode fibersS E
neodymium-doped gain mediaS EEKSMA OPTICS
neutral density filtersS EEKSMA OPTICS
nonlinear crystal materialsS ECovesion, EKSMA OPTICS, HC Photonics, Photon LaserOptik
nonlinear frequency conversion equipmentS EAPE, EKSMA OPTICS, RP Photonics, TOPTICA Photonics
optical aperturesS E
optical attenuatorsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
optical bonding services or machineryS
optical data transmission systemsS E
optical fiber communication systems and devicesS ETeraXion
optical filtersS EEKSMA OPTICS, HBM FiberSensing, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Technica Optical Components, TeraXion
optical flatsS E
optical glassesS E
optical materialsS EIntrinsic Crystal Technology
optical modulatorsS EEKSMA OPTICS
optical mountsSEKSMA OPTICS
optical resonatorsS E
optical switchesS
optical windowsS EEKSMA OPTICS, Intrinsic Crystal Technology, Photon LaserOptik
optics characterization equipmentS
opto-mechanicsS EEKSMA OPTICS
output couplersS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
polarizersS EEKSMA OPTICS, Laseroptik
prismsS EEKSMA OPTICS, G&H, Intrinsic Crystal Technology
pulse shapersS EFastlite, TeraXion
pulse stretchersS ETeraXion
rare-earth-doped gain mediaS EEKSMA OPTICS, NKT Photonics
repair servicesSPhoton LaserOptik
saturable absorbersS EEKSMA OPTICS, RefleKron
solid-state lasersS EEKSPLA, Laser Quantum, NKT Photonics, RPMC Lasers
specialty fibersS ENKT Photonics
sum and difference frequency generatorsS EAPE, EKSMA OPTICS, HC Photonics
telecom fibers and cablesS E
telecom opticsSG&H
transition-metal-doped gain mediaS EEKSMA OPTICS
vanadate lasersS E
wavelength tuning devicesS E
YAG lasersS ELaser Quantum
ytterbium-doped gain mediaS EEKSMA OPTICS, NKT Photonics

Column "To": S = list of suppliers for that product, E = encyclopedia article.

Third column: alternative suppliers are suppliers also offering such products while having an ad package. On their own company profile pages, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers.