RP Photonics

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Company profile:

Crystech Inc.

Crystech Inc.
Electronic Information Industrial Park
Xianshan East Road
Chengyang District
Qingdao, 266107

Tel.:+86 532 6673 1506
Fax:+86 532 6673 1500


ProductAlternative Suppliers
composite laser crystals
electro-optic modulatorsEKSMA OPTICS, Gooch & Housego
erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
holmium-doped gain media
neodymium-doped gain mediaEKSMA OPTICS
optical parametric oscillatorsEKSPLA, TOPTICA Photonics
Pockels cellsEKSMA OPTICS, Gooch & Housego
rare-earth-doped gain mediaEKSMA OPTICS, NKT Photonics
titanium-doped gain mediaEKSMA OPTICS
transition-metal-doped gain mediaEKSMA OPTICS

Alternative suppliers are suppliers also offering such products while having an ad package. On their own company profile pages, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers.