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CSRayzer Optical Technology

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CSRayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd
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Quality certificate:ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, GJB9001C-2017

Company Description

CSRayzer Optical Technology becomes one of the leading manufacturers of passive optical components by aiming for and consistently delivering high-end specifications.

CSRazyer is ONE-STOP photonic and optic device supplier, which has four factories for different production lines. Most of the components and products are used for fiber laser, finber sensor, LIDAR, hydrophone, and widely used in military and defense, aerospace and aviation, vehicle industry, oil & gas and other industries.

CSRayzer offers these products with fast lead time, orginal manufacturing, high quality and performance, and competitive price, to many photonics and laser companies, fiber sensor companies, universities and colleges, research institutes and laboratories around the world.

Currently, CSRayzer is looking for worldwide distributors and partners!


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Star product: Acousto-optic modulator / frequency shifter.

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acousto-optic deflectorsS Eacousto-optic deflectors from CSRayzer Optical Technology

Acousto-optic deflectors are devices which can be used to deflect a laser beam in one direction by a variable angle, controlled by the frequency of an electrical signal. Essentially, such a device is an acousto-optic modulator which is operated with an electrical drive signal of constant power but a variable frequency. CSRayzer provides acousto-optic deflectors for 1 μm and 1.5 μm wavelength, operated with modulation frequencies from 40 MHz to 300 MHz.

acousto-optic frequency shiftersS Eacousto-optic frequency shifters from CSRayzer Optical Technology

An acousto-optic frequency shifter is a device that modifies the frequency of the optical beam. This is a consequence of the Doppler effect; the travelling acoustic wave causing the frequency of the optical beam to be either increased or decreased by an amount equal to the RF carrier frequency. CSRayzer provides frequency shifters for 1 μm or 1.5 μm wavelength, operated with drive frequencies from 40 MHz to 300 MHz.

acousto-optic modulatorsS Eacousto-optic modulators from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer offers acousto-optic modulators with fast modulation speed, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, low power consumption, good temperature stability and high performance reliability. They are a type of optoelectronic product that uses the principle of acousto-optic interaction to perform amplitude modulation and frequency shift processing on lasers. The possible wavelength regions are from the visible to the infrared. It has an all-metal structure design, compact and sturdy hermetic packaging structure, and innovative packaging technology to ensure high reliability and temperature stability. CSRayzer provides free space or fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators , which are applied for Q-switched fiber lasers, laser Doppler coherent applications, ultrafast laser frequency pulse pickers, linear frequency adjustment, with wavelength range from 300 nm to 2000 nm, and frequency range from 35 MHz to 300 MHz.

acousto-optic Q switchesS Eacousto-optic Q switches from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer’s acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) can be used for Q switching lasers. Such an acousto-optic Q switch is placed inside a laser resonator. While the laser is pumped, the RF input of the AOM is switched on, on that the diffraction losses of light circulating in the resonator are high (because the diffracted beams leave the resonator), and lasing is suppressed. When the RF input is suddenly switched off, an intense laser pulse is generated.

erbium-doped fiber amplifiersS E

CSRayzer offers erbium-doped fiber amplifier modules, which are suitable for multi-channel operation in the C band, L band or C+L bands. Models with polarization-maintaining fiber or for pulse amplification are also available.

Faraday isolatorsS EFaraday isolators from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer offers many kinds of optical isolators. The free space isolator is based on the optical rotator plus polarizing and analyzer prisms to realize the function of light forward conduction and reverse isolation. It is availabe with different clear aperture sizes, including diameters of 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mm. The operation wavelength can be customized. Typical working wavelengths include 800/920/1030/1064/1550 nm, etc., with wide adaptability. Using high-power resistant TGG crystal and Glan laser prism, the optical pulse damage threshold can reach 10 J/cm². The prism is designed with double escape windows.

Faraday rotator mirrorsSFaraday rotator mirrors from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER offers Faraday rotator mirror, which takes the output beam from a single-mode fiber and rotates the polarization by 90° before sending it back through the same fiber. It is used for eliminating polarization-induced fluctuations in fiber interferometers, Brillouin amplifiers, fiber lasers, fiber sensors, and fiber optic antenna remote systems. It has excellent optical performance, an ultra-small package size, high environmental adaptability and reliability.

Faraday rotatorsS EFaraday rotators from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer offers different clear apertures and wavelength range free space rotator, all called Faraday isolator, which is a device that changes the polarization state of light based on the Faraday magneto-optical effect. It is availabe with different clear aperture sizes, including diameters of 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mm. The working wavelength can be customized, and typical operation wavelengths include 800/920/1030/1064/1550 nm, etc., with wide adaptability. Using a high-power resistant TGG crystal, the optical pulse damage threshold can reach 10 J/cm². The maximum clear aperture of the Faraday rotator can be 30 mm.

fiber coilsS Efiber coils from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER provides standard and customized size and specific fib he er gyro coil, which is core sensitive component of a fiber optic gyroscope (FOG). The quality of its winding process directly determines the accuracy of FOG. We design and manufacture fiber coil, coil base, and provide coil winding service, according to requirement. Our fiber coil is with low shupe error, low thermal stress and high anti-vibration ability and is widely used in fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG), fiber-optic hydrophones, radar and fiber-optic current transformers.

fiber collimatorsS E

CSRayzer provides different kinds of fiber collimators, which can be customized for high power, focusing distance, beam spot diameter, etc. Fixed focus collimators are also available.

fiber couplersS Efiber couplers from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s polarization-maintaining filter or fused coupler series products are used to split input polarization maintaining optical fiber signal according to the coupling ratio. They are widely used in fiber lasers, optical fiber amplifiers, optical fiber communications and fiber sensors, with compact dimension, low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss and high stability, and could work in full temperature condition.

fiber opticsS Efiber optics from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer provides various kinds of fiber-optic components, including polarization-maintaining and single-mode fiber couplers, WDM couplers, isolators, circulators, filters, phase shifters, collimators and hybrid components. These components could work in full temperature conditions, and suitable for special applications such as aerospace and military.

Michelson interferometersS EMichelson interferometers from CSRayzer Optical Technology

Interference is the basic phenomenon of optics. The normal structure of the Michelson interferometer consists of two mirrors that sit perpendicular to one another, and a beamsplitter mounted at a 45° angle to each mirror. It is a device that splits a beam of light, bounces the two beams off separate mirrors, and recombines them from different paths. CSRayzer’s Michelson interferometers are widely used fiber sensor systems in for subsea detection.

optical amplifiersS Eoptical amplifiers from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer provides several kinds of EDFAs, including multi-channels erbium-doped optical amplifiers, pulsed EDFAs, polarization-maintaining EDFA, with AGC/APC/ACC operation mode. They have a low noise figure and power consumption, high stability and reliability, and can be customized.

RF driversS

CSRayzer provides RF drivers for our acoust-optic devices. They have a TTL or TTL and analog modulation input. The RF frequency range is from 40 MHz to 300 MHz.

wavelength division multiplexing devicesS Ewavelength division multiplexing devices from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s single-mode / polarization-maintaining WDM, in filter type or fused type, are with low insertion loss, high isolation and excellent environmental stability. Unique pigtail processing and high quality AR coating ensure high optical power. These components are widely used in EDFAs, fiber lasers, fiber sensors, etc.