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CSRayzer Optical Technology

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CSRayzer Optical Technology Co., Ltd
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Wuhan 430074

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CSRayzer Optical Technology, becomes one of the leading Optical Devices manufacturers by aiming for, and consistently delivering high-end specification products.

Established in 2013, the headquarter located at Wuhan Hubei Province, CSRayzer has several branch companies and workshops. The product application areas are concentrated in ultrafast fiber laser system, fiber sensing system such as DAS/DVS, border security and seabed detection, fiber optic gyroscopes, LIDAR for wind or distance measurement, aerospace and defense and other fields.

With our own design and production capability, CSRAYZER produces a large and complete range of photonic and optical devices, to be one-stop supplier. The products include Acousto-Optic Modulators, Optical Faraday Rotators & Isolators, Fiber Optic Components, MEMS VOA and Optical Switch, Laser Diodes and Photodiodes, APD, SLD, Fiber Coils, ASE, EDFA and other optical Amplifier and modules.

Besides certified by ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 / 45001:2018 Management Systems, some of our products has passed high standard tests, such as Lifetime ESS Test over temperature, Vibration / Mechanical Shock, Product Reliability Test, Radiation Resistance test etc.

CSRayzer Optical Technology


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Star product: Acousto-optic modulator / frequency shifter.

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acousto-optic frequency shiftersS Eacousto-optic frequency shifters from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer Optical Technology offers acousto-optic frequency shifters for 1 μm or 1.5 μm wavelength, operated with drive frequencies from 40 MHz to 300 MHz. Both free-space and fiber-coupled versions are available, as well as suitable electronic drivers.

acousto-optic modulatorsS Eacousto-optic modulators from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer offers acousto-optic modulators with fast modulation speed, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, low power consumption, good temperature stability and high performance reliability. The possible wavelength regions are from the visible to the infrared. They have an all-metal structure design, compact and sturdy hermetic packaging structure, and innovative packaging technology to ensure high reliability and temperature stability. CSRayzer provides free space or fiber-coupled versions in a wavelength range from 300 nm to 2000 nm, and frequency range from 35 MHz to 300 MHz. They are suitable e.g. for Q-switched fiber lasers, laser Doppler coherent applications, ultrafast laser frequency pulse pickers, and linear frequency adjustment.

acousto-optic Q switchesS Eacousto-optic Q switches from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer’s acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) can be used for Q switching fiber lasers or bulk lasers. We also offer suitable RF drivers.

beam collimatorsS E

CSRayzer provides different kinds of sing mode or polarization-maintaining fiber pigtail collimators, large beam collimators, and fixed focus collimators.

diode lasersS E

CSRayzer provides diode laser modules in butterfly package or TO-CAN package, operating in various wavelength bands. They include DBF laser diodes, SOA laser module, SLED, and pump LDs.

diode-pumped lasersS E

CSRayzer's high quality pump laser diodes with butterfly package can provide high output powers for fiber amplifiers. The built-in thermo-electric cooler (TEC) can make the laser diode work properly in various environments.

distributed feedback lasersS E

CSRayzer DFB butterfly package laser modules are widely used for fiber-optic sensing, laser radar, optical communication, and scientific research.

erbium-doped fiber amplifiersS E

CSRayzer offers erbium-doped fiber amplifier modules, which are suitable for multi-channel operation in the C band, L band or C+L bands. Modules with polarization-maintaining fiber or for pulse amplification are also available.

Faraday isolatorsS EFaraday isolators from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer offers many kinds of optical isolators. The free space isolator is available with different clear aperture sizes, including diameters of 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mm. The operation wavelength can be customized. Typical working wavelengths include 800/920/1030/1064/1550 nm, with wide adaptability. Using a high-power resistant TGG crystal and a Glan laser prism, the optical pulse damage threshold can reach 10 J/cm2. The prism is designed with double escape windows.

Faraday rotator mirrorsS EFaraday rotator mirrors from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER offers a Faraday rotator mirror, which takes the output beam from a single-mode fiber and rotates the polarization by 90° before sending it back through the same fiber. It is used for eliminating polarization-induced fluctuations in fiber interferometers, Brillouin amplifiers, fiber lasers, fiber sensors, and fiber optic antenna remote systems. It has excellent optical performance, an ultra-small package size, high environmental adaptability and reliability.

Faraday rotatorsS EFaraday rotators from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer offers free-space Faraday rotators with different clear aperture sizes, including diameters of 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mm. The working wavelength can be customized, and typical operation wavelengths include 800/920/1030/1064/1550 nm, with wide adaptability. Using a high-power resistant TGG crystal, the optical pulse damage threshold can reach 10 J/cm2. The clear aperture of the Faraday rotator can be up to 30 mm.

fiber coilsS Efiber coils from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER provides standard and customized size and specific fiber gyro coils, which are core components of fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG). The quality of the winding process directly determines the accuracy of FOG. We design and manufacture fiber coils, coil skeletons, and provide coil winding services, according to your requirements. Our fiber coils have a low shupe error, low thermal stress and are suitable even in high-vibration environments. They are widely used in fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG), fiber-optic hydrophones, radar and fiber-optic current transformers. We also provide a fiber coil winding workstation.

fiber collimatorsS E

CSRayzer provides different kinds of fiber collimators, which can be customized for high power, focusing distance, beam spot diameter, etc. Fixed focus collimators are also available.

fiber couplersS Efiber couplers from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s polarization-maintaining filter or fused coupler series products are used to split inputs from a polarization-maintaining optical fiber according to the given coupling ratio. They are widely used in fiber lasers, optical fiber amplifiers, optical fiber communications and fiber sensors, having compact dimensions, low insertion loss, low polarization dependent loss and high stability, and the ability to work under different temperature conditions.

fiber mode field adaptersS E

CSRAYZER’s Mode Field Adaptors (MFA) can be used to match the mode field diameters of fibers with low signal loss and minimal degradation of beam quality (M2).

fiber opticsS Efiber optics from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer provides various kinds of fiber-optic components, including polarization-maintaining and single-mode fiber couplers, WDM couplers, isolators, circulators, filters, phase shifters, collimators and hybrid components. These components could work in full temperature conditions, and suitable for special applications such as aerospace and military.

fiber-coupled diode lasersS E

CSRayzer provides many kinds of fiber coupled diode lasers, e.g. for fiber amplifier pumping, but also pulsed DFB laser modules with narrow linewidth.

fiber-optic gyroscopesS

CSRayzer Provides different kinds of optical devices, components and instruments for fiber optic gyroscopes: ASE sources, fiber coils and winding machines. We also have different types of fiber couplers.

fiber-optic pump combinersS E

CSRayzer provides (N+1)×1 pump combiners for continuous wave high power lasers.

laser diode modulesS E

CSRayzer offers a wide range of diode laser modules, containing diode lasers or diode-pumped lasers with fiber pigtail or free-space output.

laser diodesS E

CSRayzer offers a wide range of diode lasers, containing diode lasers or diode-pumped lasers with a fiber pigtail or with free-space output.

narrow-linewidth lasersS E

CSRayzer provides narrow linewidth laser diode modules, or narrow linewidth lasers, with different grades of linewidth: 200 kHz, 100 kHz or 3 kHz.

optical amplifiersS Eoptical amplifiers from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRayzer provides several kinds of EDFAs, including multi-channels erbium-doped optical amplifiers, pulsed EDFAs, polarization-maintaining EDFA, with AGC/APC/ACC operation mode. They have a low noise figure and power consumption, high stability and reliability, and can be customized.

photodetectorsS E

CSRayzer CR2000AH-1550-70M includes a 200 μm InGaAs avalanche photodiode and a hybrid preamplifier for the use in high speed, ultra-low light detection, in laser range finding, LIDAR and free space communications.

photodiodesS E

CSRayzer offers different kinds of photodiodes used in high speed, ultra-low light detection, and laser range finding, LIDAR and free space communications.

RF driversS

CSRayzer provides RF drivers for our acousto-optic devices. They have a TTL or analog modulation input. The RF frequency range is from 40 MHz to 300 MHz.

wavelength division multiplexing devicesS Ewavelength division multiplexing devices from CSRayzer Optical Technology

CSRAYZER’s single-mode / polarization-maintaining WDM couplers, in filter type or fused type, have low insertion loss, high isolation and excellent environmental stability. Unique pig-tail processing and high quality AR coating ensure high optical power. These components are widely used in EDFAs, fiber lasers, fiber sensors, etc.