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DataRay Inc.
1675 Market Street
Redding, CA 96001
United States
Tel.:+1 530 395 2500
Fax:+1 530 395 2500
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DataRay Inc. was founded in 1988 to bring high-quality, affordable, and reliable instrumentation to the photonics industry.



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Product categoryEncDescription
beam profilersS Ebeam profilers from DataRay

DataRay offers laser beam profilers including beam profiling cameras, scanning slit beam profilers, and specialized systems.

beam quality measurement devicesS Ebeam quality measurement devices from DataRay

DataRay's products offer multiple ways to measure beam quality: M2 measurements to ISO 11146 may be made using a beam profiling camera, or a Beam'R2 scanning slit beam profiler, mounted on an M2DU translation stage.

beam splittersS Ebeam splitters from DataRay

DataRay offers two unique beam splitters: the Polarization Preserving Beam Sampler (PPBS) and the Compact Beam Sampler (CBS) for various applications.

infrared camerasS Einfrared cameras from DataRay

DataRay's ISO 11146-compliant beam profilers cover a broad range of IR wavelengths, up to 16 μm.

laser beam characterization instrumentsS Elaser beam characterization instruments from DataRay

DataRay offers a full range of ISO 11146-compliant beam profilers, both camera and scanning slit-based.

Camera-based systems include the WinCamD, BladeCam, and TaperCamD series, all of which are USB 2.0 or 3.0 port-powered. These cameras produce a 2D false color digital image of the beam intensity. From these images, XY profiles may be shown for any location on the beam at any angle.

Beam profiling cameras are typically both the optimal and most economical choice when the beam wavelength and diameter are appropriate.

terahertz camerasSterahertz cameras from DataRay

With the WinCamD-THz, DataRay offers compact, affordable, high-resolution 3 to 20 THz multispectral imaging and beam profiling.

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