RP Photonics

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Company profile:

Del Mar Photonics, Inc.

Del Mar Photonics, Inc.
4119 Twilight Ridge
San Diego, CA 92130
United States

Tel.:+1 858 876 3133
Fax:+1 858 630 2376


ProductAlternative Suppliers
dye lasers
excimer lasers
frequency tripling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)EKSMA OPTICS
homogenizing rodsKnight Optical
laser microscopy (laser microscopes)
pulse duration (equipment for … measurements)
pulse pickersEKSMA OPTICS
spectral interferometry (equipment for …)
titanium-sapphire lasersKapteyn-Murnane Laboratories

For suppliers with an ad package, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers. Only companies with enhanced productad package are listed as alternative suppliers.