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DK Photonics Technology Co., Ltd.

DK Photonics Technology Co., Ltd.
4F, Building 18, Qinghu Industrial Park
Dahe Road, Longhua Dis.
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518109

Tel.:+86 755 3682 0366
Fax:+86 755 2674 6512
Social media:Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter
Quality certification:ISO 9001:2008

Company Description

DK Photonics Technology Limited is one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing of high quality optical passive components mainly for fiber laser, fiber sensor and fiber optic telecommunication applications. Headquarter and factory are located in Shenzhen of China. Cost effective, best quality and best service are always our goal.

High power isolator and PM components are our major focuses. Our high power isolator offer up to 50–100 W power handling for fiber laser applications. Our PM components offer excellent optical performance, high reliability, and high extinction ratio which results in the development of high-speed optical leading edge products.

DK Photonics' promotion products including: 1064 nm high power isolator, 1064 nm components, PM components, (2+1)×1 pump combiner, pump laser protector, mini-size CWDM, 100 GHz DWDM, optical circulator, PM circulator, PM isolator, fused coupler, mini size fused WDM. You are most welcome to contact DK Photonics to explore a wide range of promising business opportunities.


fiber pump combiners

DK Photonics offers pump combiners built by engineers with solid knowledge and technical background; offer high quality and cost-effective products with our great services as well.

cladding mode strippers
Faraday circulators
Faraday isolators
Faraday rotators
fiber Bragg gratings
fiber couplers
fiber-optic polarizers
mode field adaptors
optical multiplexers

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