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DK Photonics

DK Photonics Technology Co., Ltd.
4F, Building 18, Qinghu Industrial Park
Dahe Road, Longhua District
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518109
Tel.:+86 755 2373 6280
Fax:+86 755 2674 6512
Website:web link
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Quality certificate:ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

Company Description

DK Photonics is a leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality optical passive components. We provide our clients with a complete and integrated solution: all kinds of passive optical components for wavelengths from 400 nm to 2100 nm. DK Photonics produces a large array of fiber-optic components such as 1064-nm high power isolators, multimode pump combiners, pump laser protectors for high power fiber lasers. Also, we have PM fiber pump combiners, PM circulators, PM isolators, PM tap couplers, PM WDM couplers, in-line polarizers, and PBS for ultrafast fiber laser applications. We also offer ultra-small devices, mini isolators, mini couplers, used in optical fiber sensing, fiber optic gyroscopes, etc. Especially for high-power passive components and polarization-maintaining fiber components, we have become a high-quality supplier in the industry:

1. We are a main supplier of high performance polarization-maintaining fiber components.

2. We have the ability to provide different power levels for various optical passive components.

3. We can provide all-in-one devices for a variety of fiber laser applications.


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Product categoryEncDescription
cladding mode strippersS Ecladding mode strippers from DK Photonics

Our cladding power strippers are used in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers which need to handle substantial optical powers. The devices ensure that these powers are absorbed in a sufficiently widespread region, and that the generated heat can be removed safely, without damaging the mode stripper or any surrounding parts. We can provide them with all kinds of double-clad fiber and for cladding powers up to 500 W.

coherent beam combining componentsS Ecoherent beam combining components from DK Photonics

Our polarization beam combiners/splitters can be used either as polarization beam combiners to combine light beams from two PM input fibers into a single output fiber, or as a polarization beam splitters for splitting light from an input fiber into two output fibers with orthogonal polarization states. The most common application is to combine the light of two pump lasers into one single fiber in order to double the pump power for a EDFA or Raman amplifier.

Faraday circulatorsS EFaraday circulators from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers polarization-maintaining fiber-optic circulators for a wide range of wavelengths between 532 nm and 2050 nm.

Faraday isolatorsS EFaraday isolators from DK Photonics

Our polarization-maintaining Faraday isolator features low insertion loss, high isolation, high extinction ratio and high reliability and stability. The device is available with bare fiber or with a 900-μm jacket cable.

Faraday rotator mirrorsS EFaraday rotator mirrors from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers polarization-maintaining Faraday mirrors for use in fiber-optic networks and measurement applications. It can help to eliminate the polarization sensitivity of optical fiber systems.

Faraday rotatorsS EFaraday rotators from DK Photonics

Our in-line Faraday rotator is characterized by low insertion loss, high return loss, high extinction ratio and excellent environmental stability and reliability. It is available with fiber input and output. It is ideal for polarization-maintaining fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, and high-speed communication systems and instrumentation applications.

fiber amplifiersS Efiber amplifiers from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers various erbium-doped fiber amplifiers for telecom applications, including compact amplifier modules as well as bench-top instruments with controls and displays.

Ytterbium-doped amplifiers for the 1-μm wavelength region are also available.

fiber Bragg gratingsS Efiber Bragg gratings from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers fiber Bragg gratings for a wide range of applications in the areas of telecommunications, lasers and sensors. With excellent apodized technologies, we can offer high quality FBGs meeting different requirements of our customers.

fiber cablesS Efiber cables from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers polarization-maintaining (PM) optical patch cords for use in polarization-sensitive fiber optical systems. They are available with various types of fiber connectors.

fiber collimatorsS Efiber collimators from DK Photonics

Our polarization-maintaining fiber collimator has a high extinction ratio, low insertion and high return loss. The unique processing and high-quality AR coating also enable this collimator to handle high optical powers.

fiber couplersS Efiber couplers from DK Photonics

DK Photonics uses a unique fusing technique and polarization-maintaining fibers to fabricate the polarization maintaining fused coupler (PMC). The coupling ratio can be selected according to the customer’s request. It features low excess loss, small size and high polarization extinction ratio. PMC is widely used for optical sensors and optical gyros.

fiber lasersS Efiber lasers from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers various kinds of fiber lasers:

fiber mode field adaptersS Efiber mode field adapters from DK Photonics

Our mode fields adapters allow one to combine fibers with different core diameters and NA with reduced splicing loss, usually <0.5 dB or even <0.3 dB.

fiber-optic attenuatorsS Efiber-optic attenuators from DK Photonics

Our polarization-maintaining mechanical variable optical attenuator is a useful tool for tests of optical components and systems. All input and output fibers are polarization maintaining, and devices for a wide range of wavelengths are available. The devices feature a low minimum insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high return loss and high adjustment precision.

fiber-optic polarizersSfiber-optic polarizers from DK Photonics

Our in-line polarizer can be used to separate polarization components or to further enhance the polarization extinction ratio of signals. It is ideal for high-speed communication systems and test instrumentation where a high polarization extinction ratio is required.

fiber-optic pump combinersS Efiber-optic pump combiners from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers pump combiners built by engineers with solid knowledge and technical background. The devices offer high quality and low cost. We also offer great service.

polarization controllersSpolarization controllers from DK Photonics

Our fiber polarization controllers come preloaded with fiber. The fibers in the preloaded controllers can also be removed and replaced by the user if the controllers are needed for a new application in the future.

superluminescent sourcesS Esuperluminescent sources from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers fiber-based broadband ASE sources emitting in the telecom wavelength bands C and/or L or around 1060 nm.

wavelength division multiplexing devicesS Ewavelength division multiplexing devices from DK Photonics

DK Photonics offers filter WDM couplers based on advanced micro-optic filter technology. All input and output fibers are polarization-maintaining. They feature wide-band operation, low insertion loss, high polarization extinction, high return loss and a compact package. They are ideal for PM fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers and instrumentation applications.

wavelength-tunable light sourcesS Ewavelength-tunable light sources from DK Photonics

Our tunable fiber laser covers the C-band and can address up to 89 different ITU-T standard wavelengths (with 50 GHz separation). It contains a dual Fabry–Pérot cavity tuning etalon and a high gain chip, featuring high output optical power, narrow linewidth and high wavelength accuracy. It is equipped with a dedicated drive control circuit, high-definition color LCD screen, and optional control keyboard and PC software.