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Company profile:

DPM Photonics

DPM Photonics
P. O. Box 3002
Vernon, CT 06066
United States

Tel.:+1 860 872 6573
Fax:+1 860 454 4217

Company Description

DPM Photonics offers a diverse product line servicing a wide range of photonics-based applications, including those utilizing higher optical powers. Combining many years of technical experience, with the design and manufacturing capabilities of our corporate partners, DPM Photonics provides both standard and custom product solutions to meet the needs of our customers. DPM Photonics prioritizes customer-focused service and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your applications and requirements.

Our product offering includes high power precision optics, fiber-coupled potical components (PM and non-PM), equipment for fiber preparation, splicing and tapering/bundling, and optical modeling software (RP Photonics).

DPM Photonics is distributor for the following companies:


angle cleaving (equipment for … of fibers)
beam collimators
beam combining (components for …)
beam expanders
beam propagation software
cladding mode strippers
cleaving of fibers (equipment for …)
custom optics
design and development services
Faraday circulators
Faraday isolators
Faraday rotators
fiber cables
fiber cleavers
fiber collimators
fiber couplers
fiber optics
fiber patch cables
fiber simulation software
fiber strippers
fiber-optic polarizers
fibers (optical …)
fusion splicing of fibers (fusion splicers)
infrared optics
laser engraving
laser heads
laser machining (equipment for …)
laser material processing (equipment for …)
laser modeling (… services and software)
laser simulation software
multiple element lenses
optical mounts
polarization beam combining (equipment for …)
polishing of fibers
resonator design (software and services for …)
scanning lenses
wavelength division multiplexing (equipment for …)

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