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DPM Photonics

DPM Photonics
P. O. Box 3002
Vernon, CT 06066
United States

Tel.:+1 860 872 6573
Fax:+1 860 454 4217

Company Description

DPM Photonics offers a diverse product line servicing a wide range of photonics-based applications, including those utilizing higher optical powers. Combining many years of technical experience, with the design and manufacturing capabilities of our corporate partners, DPM Photonics provides both standard and custom product solutions to meet the needs of our customers. DPM Photonics prioritizes customer-focused service and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your applications and requirements.

Our product offering includes high power precision optics, fiber-coupled potical components (PM and non-PM), equipment for fiber preparation, splicing and tapering/bundling, and optical modeling software (RP Photonics).

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beam collimators

The Model 02-M010 is a three-element, air-spaced anastigmat designed specifically for collimating the output of large diameter silica fibers used in high power medical and industrial applications. It is equally suitable for collimating the output of Large Mode Area (LMA) or Photonic Crystal (PC) fibers with smaller numerical apertures. The mechanical assembly allows a precise translation of the lens (without rotation) relative to the fiber face.

The unique design of the Model 02-M010 prevents retroflections near the fiber face or within the core material. All elements are fused silica (the exception being the 1800–2000 nm collimator optics that are Infrasil) with either V-type or broadband coatings, depending on the operating wavelength range. When used for imaging purposes, the three-element design ensures the output mode from the fiber is preserved, without distortion, even at high throughput powers.

beam expanders

Photonic Devices' precision Galilean beam expanders have been sold globally for over 20 years and include an extensive number of standard models. These multi-element beam expanders have been computer-designed to provide excellent wavefront quality with minimum beam deformation. All lens elements are air spaced and the majority of models have variable air spacing for collimation adjustment. All lens surfaces have multilayer antireflection coatings, with power handling capabilities over 1 kW (> 200 W for beam expanders operating at 10.6 microns).

custom optics

Custom precision optics has been an integral part of Photonic Devices' business for over 20 years; DPM Photonics has been their partners for many years. This extensive experience with custom products enables efficient design generation and very reasonable turn-around times, while keeping non-recurring charges low.

Whether the need is a slight modification of an existing product or an entirely new design, Photonic Devices welcomes the opportunity to review customer needs and provide enabling products. Let us put our experience to work for you.


DPM Photonics offers precision lenses for collimating the output of high power fiber devices. We also sell focusing objective lenses.

The Model 02-014-1 is an air spaced, computer designed multi-element lens that is diffaction-limited when used with fibers having core diameters as large as 1200 microns. Operational wavelength is 1064 nm. The 02-014 reimages the emitting surface of the fiber with a 0.67× demagnification. Focused spot sizes are significantly smaller than those achievable with single-element lenses used in a similar collimating/focusing configuration. All optical elements are fabricated from high laser-damage resistant glasses and are anti-reflection coated to reduce reflectance per surface to 0.13%. The working distance between the lens and the target is sufficiently large to allow use of a gas nozzle to enhance the cutting or welding process and to prevent debris from depositing on the lens surface.

scanning lenses

The 03 Series of F–theta scanning lenses for CO2 lasers is designed to provide diffraction-limited optical performance over relatively large fields. Their multiple-lens-element design provides smaller focus spot sizes with virtually no deviation over the entire field and are, therefore, superior to single-element scan lenses. Air-spacing and anti-reflection coatings allow for optical power handling capability in excess of several hundred watts.

angle cleaving (equipment for … of fibers)
beam combining (components for …)
beam propagation software
cladding mode strippers
cleaving of fibers (equipment for …)
design and development services
Faraday circulators
Faraday isolators
Faraday rotators
fiber cables
fiber cleavers
fiber collimators
fiber couplers
fiber optics
fiber patch cables
fiber simulation software
fiber strippers
fiber-optic polarizers
fibers (optical …)
fusion splicing of fibers (fusion splicers)
infrared optics
laser engraving
laser heads
laser machining (equipment for …)
laser material processing (equipment for …)
laser modeling (… services and software)
laser simulation software
multiple element lenses
optical mounts
polarization beam combining (equipment for …)
polishing of fibers
resonator design (software and services for …)
wavelength division multiplexing (equipment for …)

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