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Duma Optronics

Duma Optronics Ltd.
1st Hazait St.
Nesher, 3675018

Tel.:+972 48200 5 77

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Star product: The concept of autocollimation as an optical instrument was conceived about a century ago for accurate, non-contact measurements of angles. Since it was invented, it has developed a long history of being used in alignment of angles and optical elements. Recent novel photonics development has created a need for alignment and measurement of optics and lasers – the new hybrid technology does exactly that.

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autocollimatorsS EEdmund Optics
beam profilersS EDataRay, Edmund Optics, Femto Easy, Gentec Electro-Optics
laser opticsS EArtifex Engineering, Edmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS, Intrinsic Crystal Technology, IRD Glass, Knight Optical, Laseroptik, Laserton, Megawatt Lasers, OPTOMAN, Perkins Precision Developments, Shalom EO, Shanghai Optics, Thorlabs

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