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Dynasil, a publicly-owned multinational corporation headquartered in the US, focuses on cutting-edge research and commercial product development in photonics. We are a global supplier of fused silica, coatings, components, and scintillation and detection solutions. We are also recognized experts in radiation detection and imaging, nuclear instrumentation, and non-destructive testing.

Dynasil has seven manufacturing facilities across Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Margate (UK) dedicated to helping our customers around the world succeed — from prototype development through to high-volume commercial production. At Dynasil, we embrace the spirit of continual improvement with five ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. Our 250-strong workforce includes researchers, scientists, and design and manufacturing engineers who bring innovative technologies and solutions to market through close customer collaboration.


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anti-reflection coatingsS E

EMF, a Dynasil company, offers single layer, multi-layer and BBAR high-efficiency AR coatings including diamond-like carbon (DLC) for UV, IR and NIR. It offers AR coatings on glass, sapphire, germanium (Ge), zinc selenide (ZnSe), zinc sulfide (ZnS), calcium fluoride (CaF2) and chalcogenides.

See also our video on Trouble coating Chalcogenides? Learn more about our custom-designed DLC coating chamber for IR optics.!

beam splittersS Ebeam splitters from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, offers standard and custom plate, polka-dot and transmission grating beam splitters with constant reflection to transmission ratio over 250 to 2000 nm. Available on fused silica or SCHOTT B270® ultra-white glass. Transmission grating beam splitters are ideally suited for He-Ne laser beam division and multiple laser line separation.

cold mirrorsS Ecold mirrors from Dynasil

EMF, a Dynasil company, offers high transmission cold mirrors that are an excellent choice for preventing undesirable ultraviolet and visible light from damaging or altering the spectral characteristics. It offers two designs for use at either 0° or 45° angle of incidence. These mirrors are typically produced using borosilicate or float glass but are also offered on specialized substrate materials to withstand extremely high-temperature applications.

EMF has supplied 700,000 cold mirrors to a global automotive components manufacturer without a single reported field failure.

diffraction gratingsS Ediffraction gratings from Dynasil

With a capacity to manufacture 500,000+ precision replicated optics, Optometrics, a Dynasil company, offers customers a reliable supply of diffractive, transmissive, and reflective optical components requiring high surface figure accuracy, nanometer range surface feature duplication, and low RMS surface roughness at a fraction of the original master surface production cost. Optometrics offers Echelle, filtered, holographic, infrared, ruled and transmission diffraction gratings.

first surface mirrorsS Efirst surface mirrors from Dynasil

EMF, a Dynasil company, offers two types of first surface mirrors for superior optical quality for engineering and scientific applications that require precision. It offers them as a standard protected aluminum mirror or an enhanced aluminum mirror for applications in visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR). Learn more and compare reflectance curves.

hot mirrorsS Ehot mirrors from Dynasil

EMF, a Dynasil company, has a large inventory of high transmission hot mirrors that are an excellent choice for preventing undesirable heat from damaging thermally unstable materials or altering the spectral characteristics beyond that position in a light path by reflecting infrared light while allowing visible light to transmit. EMF offers two designs for use at either 0° or 45° angle of incidence.

infrared opticsS Einfrared optics from Dynasil

Dynasil offers a wide selection of infrared optics including HEAR & DLC and gold coatings, infrared windows and wire grid polarizers. Coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates like silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), zinc sulfide (ZnS), zinc selenide (ZnSe) and chalcogenides to achieve desired spectral characteristics

interference filtersS Einterference filters from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, carries a large inventory of bandpass filters for a variety of wavelengths. These interference filters find applications in spectral analysis, particularly those in clinical chemistry, spectral radiometry, environmental testing, laser line separation, flame photometry and color separation where the required wavelengths are well known. Custom bandpass filters are offered to instrument manufacturers worldwide. Please request a quote.

metal-coated mirrorsS Emetal-coated mirrors from Dynasil

EMF, a Dynasil company, offers protected gold mirrors ideal for applications requiring high reflectance in the near infrared (NIR) and infrared (IR). A dielectric overcoat is layered over the gold coating to protect it from damage. EMF protected gold mirrors are relatively insensitive to the angle of incidence. Learn more and view the reflectance curve.

EMF also offers protected silver mirrors for use in high reflectance applications in the visible (VIS) and infrared (IR). Its protected silver mirrors have a SiO2 overcoat to increase durability and to meet the adhesion, abrasion, temperature and humidity requirements of MIL-M-13508C. Learn more and view the reflectance curve.

monochromatorsS Emonochromators from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, offers a family of compact, in-line Fastie-Ebert Mini-Chrom Monochromators with a 74-mm focal length, ideally suited for general spectroscopy use as well as OEM system integration. The Mini-Chrom is specifically designed to minimize astigmatic aberrations, enhancing instrument resolution.

With over 30,000 sold, it has been a proven workhorse for reliable precision, and superior service life!

Several models are available including standard, digital, scanning and scanning digital. View the model comparison chart.

neutral density filtersS Eneutral density filters from Dynasil

EMF, a Dynasil company, maintains large inventory reflective ND filters in optical densities of 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.9, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0. Custom optical densities can be achieved by stacking several ND filters together. The total density being equal to the sum of the density of each filter in the stack.

optical filtersS Eoptical filters from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, designs and manufactures long wavepass filters from 500 nm to 1500 nm in increments of 50 nm. These long wavepass filters are mounted in a black anodized aluminium ring. The cut-on wavelengths can be fine tuned by changing the angle of incidence. Optometrics also has short wavepass filters from 450 nm to 1000 nm in increments of 50 nm and otherwise similar characteristics. These filter types can also be used in combination for custom bandpass filtering.

EMF, also a Dynasil company, manufactures a custom line of Optivex™ dichroic filters that block 99% of harmful UV radiation while transmitting high-quality visible light with virtually no distortion. Optivex™ has been the product of choice for over 25 years, and its name is synonymous with absolute protection.

optical materialsS Eoptical materials from Dynasil

Dynasil Fused Silica (DFS) has been providing synthetic fused silica, the world’s purest glass, and fused quartz products to enable next generation photonics applications. DFS maintains a large stock of round and rectangular Corning (HPFS and ULE) and Nikon (NIFS) optical fused silica blanks ready for shipment. Available to order online in a variety of sizes and materials.

polarizersS Epolarizers from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, manufactures ruled wire grid polarizers on CaF2 (calcium fluoride) and ZnSe (zinc selenide), together covering a wavelength range from 2.5 to 20 microns and holographic wire grid polarizers on CaF2 (calcium fluoride), ZnSe (zinc selenide), BaF2 (barium fluoride), KRS-5 and Ge (germanium), covering a wavelength region from 2.5 to 30 microns.

scintillation detectorsSscintillation detectors from Dynasil

Hilger Crystals, a Dynasil company, produces a variety of high quality state-of-the-art scintillation detectors mounted on a photomultiplier tube (PMT) or a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM). The detectors are available in custom sizes that are typically housed in lightweight, hermetically sealed aluminium casings. Complete integral assemblies can be supplied from 5 mm to 200 mm in size depending on the material. View the scintillation crystals materials index.

scintillator crystalsSscintillator crystals from Dynasil

Hilger Crystals, a Dynasil company, is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of scintillation crystals for X-ray, gamma-ray and neutron detection and X-ray imaging. Pixelated crystal X-ray imaging arrays can be either linear or two dimensional with individual pixels as small as 0.5 mm depending on material and thickness.

The crystals are carefully selected for their high density and brightness, excellent light output, and short decay constants. Grown to specifications, crystals can be supplied as single units, imaging arrays, or packaged as a complete detector.

View the scintillation crystals materials index.

transmission gratingsS Etransmission gratings from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, offers transmission gratings for the visible, NIR and UV. Blazed transmission gratings are designed for optimum performance in the visible and NIR spectrum, offering different levels of dispersion. Efficiency is comparable to that of reflection gratings. UV transmission gratings provide superior diffraction efficiencies as low as 235 nm. Zero order data is included in all performance curves for those interested in beam splitting applications. An AR coating can be applied to the non-diffracting surface of our visible transmission gratings which increases diffraction efficiencies by reducing first surface reflection losses. Our standard AR coatings are designed to increase efficiency of the grating in the 400–800 nm range.

wavelength-tunable light sourcesS Ewavelength-tunable light sources from Dynasil

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, offers its TLS as a convenient and affordable integrated system consisting of a Mini-Chrom monochromator and an efficient, power stabilized broadband tungsten halogen light source with a variable aperture. The versatile design allows for the selection of manual or computer controlled versions, a spectral range from 360 – 1000 nm, a customizable bandwidth, as well as fiber optic input adapters and cables for the output.


Trouble coating Chalcogenides? Learn more about our custom-designed DLC coating chamber for IR optics.

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