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Company profile:

eagleyard Photonics GmbH


eagleyard Photonics GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin

Tel.:+49 30 63 92 45 20
Fax:+49 30 63 92 45 29
Social media:Youtube

Company Description

eagleyard Photonics GmbH is a technology company founded in 2002 and based in Berlin, Germany. eagleyard develops, manufactures and distributes high power semiconductor laser diodes based on GaAs wafer material – the key component for advanced laser systems.

Offering wavelengths ranging from 630 nm to 1,120 nm, eagleyard has become a leading provider of reliable laser diodes that serve the requirements for industrial, space, defense, medical and scientific applications. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

The product portfolio comprises five basic types of laser diodes, each optimized to meet specific requirements: single mode laser diodes, single frequency laser diodes, multimode laser diodes, tapered amplifiers and gain chips.

The industry-experienced management team has the necessary skills to turn advanced technology into mature products in compliance with the expectations of industrial customers.

A professional network of sales partners encompasses eagleyard’s sales activities around the globe.


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
amplifiers (optical …) Tapered lasers combine the beam quality of a ridge waveguide laser with the high power known from broad area lasers. If you need high power and small spot size, this is the laser for you. eagleyard manufactures tapered lasers between 730 and 1083 nm with high brightness and the smallest divergence. Output powers from 500 mW to 2000 mW are available.
broad area laser diodes Broad area lasers operate spatially and longitudinally multimode. They are used for solid-state laser pumping, sensor technology, material processing, medical applications (e.g. photodynamic therapy), as well as in scientific research. eagleyard offers broad area lasers at wavelengths between 670 and 1120 nm and output powers between 1 and 18 W in cw mode. Stripe widths from 60 μm to 400 μm are available to optimize beam structure and power for your application.
distributed Bragg reflector lasers Our distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) lasers have built-in resistors to allow for mode-hop-free tunability. These products are for sophisticated industry applications, e.g. fiber testing, and science, such as analytics, Raman spectroscopy, frequency conversion, and exciting certain atom resonances. eagleyard provides the largest variety of wavelengths available on the market. Find your suitable DBR laser product between 633 and 1083 nm with output powers from 10 to 150 mW.
distributed feedback lasers Distributed feedback lasers are single-mode lasers containing an integrated grating structure. The result is a single-mode emission at an outmost precise wavelength with an extremely narrow linewidth. eagleyard provides the largest variety of wavelengths available on the market. Find your suitable DFB laser product between 633 and 1083 nm with output powers from 10 to 150 mW.
external-cavity diode lasers Ridge waveguide or Fabry-Pérot lasers operate spatially single-mode. This type of laser diode is used in many applications, e.g. metrology, spectroscopy, bioanalytics, life science, and upconversion fiber lasers. Anti-reflective versions, so called RWEs, of each type are available for extended cavity applications.
laser diodes Based on GaAs wafer material our semiconductor laser diodes cover wavelengths ranging from 630 to 1120 nm. If you need high power and superior brightness – and all that in a single emitter configuration – you will find eagleyard laserdiodes at the leading edge of technology.
Our product portfolio comprises five basic types of laser diodes, each optimized to meet specific requirements:
Single Mode Laser Diodes
Single Frequency Laser Diodes
Multimode Laser Diodes
Tapered Amplifiers
Gain Chips
fiber-coupled diode lasers (… and related equipment)
laser cooling units
medical lasers
narrow-linewidth lasers
quantum cascade lasers
semiconductor lasers
spectroscopy (equipment for …)
tapered amplifiers
tapered laser diodes

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