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Custom Precision optical components

Ecoptik (Changchun) Ltd.
No. 399, Bocai Road
Changchun City, Jilin, 130000
Tel.:+86 43189 18 0668
Fax:+86 43189 18 0668
Website:web link
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Quality certificate:ISO 90001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

Company Description

Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) was founded in 2011, and is located in the city of Changchun-the optic base of China with a beautiful view and profound optical culture. We have state-of-the-art, modern technology machines for manufacturing and inspecting all kinds of precision optics. Ecoptik occupies an area of 3200 square meters, supported by 120 workers.

Concerning technology, we benefit from the backbone of Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changchun University of Science and Technology. We benefit from the technical exchange with those experts. Most of the manufacturing equipment and checking equipment of products are adopted from abroad including coating machines, sphericity interferometers, optical spherometers and others. This machinery allows to precisely characterize optical components and establish efficient production.

We comply with a standard of DIN, MIL, or ISO surface quality standards in production layout and production design. For many years, we were focusing on manufacturing and selling precision optics with high quality. We mainly deal with optical lenses, prisms, windows, filters, cylindrical lens, aspherical lens, mirrors, quartz glass, ZnSe, CaF2 and others.

We are very strict with quality, control the delivery time and optimize the service. Our purpose is to satisfy the requirements of our customers, reach their satisfaction and win their trust. At the same time, we welcome our friends in China and abroad to cooperate well and establish a good future together.



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Product categoryEncDescription
achromatic opticsS Eachromatic optics from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers achromatic coated lenses which are used to minimize spherical and chromatic aberrations. They are ideal for a range of applications, including fluorescence microscopy, image relay, inspection, or spectroscopy. Such a lens is often made by either cementing two elements together or mounting the two elements in a housing.

The achromatic coated lens can also be called an achromatic doublet lens or achromatic cemented lens. If you want to know more information, please contact us.

anti-reflection coatingsS Eanti-reflection coatings from Ecoptik

Ecoptik can produce single-layer or multilayer anti-reflection coatings on various kinds of optical elements, using different materials. We achieve reflectivities <0.2% or even better at many wavelengths from 355 nm to 1550 nm, and <0.5% at 284 nm or 193 nm, for example.

We also offer dual wavelength AR coatings, e.g. for 532 nm and 1064 nm.

custom opticsS Ecustom optics from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers most optical components in customized forms concerning dimensions, geometrical shapes, materials, anti-reflection coatings etc.

cylindrical lensesS Ecylindrical lenses from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers cylindrical lenses with different substrate shapes and high surface accuracy. As one of the best optical components manufacturers, we monitor the quality of each individual lens using Trioptics centration measurement and a Zygo GPI interferometer. All Ecoptik lenses are available both uncoated or coated with a broad range of high durability, low loss AR coatings, and can be manufactured to 20–10 surface roughness.

dichroic mirrorsS Edichroic mirrors from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers dielectric laser mirrors including dichroic versions for various applications, covering wavelength ranges from UV to IR. There is a wide choice of round, elliptical or custom shapes as well as flat, spherical and cylindrical surfaces.

endoscopesSendoscopes from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers custom endoscopes such as otoscopes, peritoneoscopes, electronic forminoscopys etc.

The image is very clear, the quality is standard in Holland, widely used in clinical practice.

infrared opticsS Einfrared optics from Ecoptik

Ecoptik manufactures precision infrared optical devices based on germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide and other materials. Customized high-precision and complex optical devices, including short-wave infrared optical devices of many kinds can be made. Feel free to contact us!

laser mirrorsS Elaser mirrors from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers dielectric laser mirrors for fixed, narrowband or broadband wavelength applications, covering wavelength ranges from UV to IR. There is a wide choice of round, elliptical or custom shapes as well as flat, spherical and cylindrical surfaces.


  • greater than 99% reflectivity over broad wavelength ranges
  • designed for all polarization states from 0 – 45° AOI
  • excellent thermal stability with fused silica substrate


  • We manufacture ourselves, offering very competitive prices.
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • We quote to win customers for a long term and deliver a high quality customer service.
  • We have one of the best metrology equipment to make sure that we deliver what you expect.
lensesS Elenses from Ecoptik

Ecoptik produces a wide range of spherical lenses of different types (including meniscus lenses, half ball lenses, custom hyper-hemisphere lenses and achromatic lenses). We are happy to produce custom lenses of many types.

metal-coated mirrorsS Emetal-coated mirrors from Ecoptik

Ecoptik offers metal-coated mirrors for various applications, in particular based on aluminum and gold. There is a wide choice of round, elliptical or custom shapes as well as flat, spherical, cylindrical and parabolic surfaces.

optical design servicesSoptical design services from Ecoptik

Ecoptik is not only an optics manufacturer, but also is a professional optical service agency, providing optical design and consulting services. We have a high quality, high level, combat experience rich expert team, who are from Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Our services include:

  • imaging optical design (mobile lens, scanning lens, vehicle lens, monitoring lens, infrared lens, projection lens, other imaging optical system)
  • lighting system design
  • laser system design
  • laser rangefinder lens, medical optical lens, solar collector optical path design
  • coating system design, optical technology support, etc.
optical domesS Eoptical domes from Ecoptik

ECOPTIK offers optical domes for applications in defense, weather tracking and optical imaging e.g. with underwater cameras. They are available for the visible region, the UV or for the infrared. Dimensions from 10 mm to 350 mm and thickness values between 1 mm and 10 mm are available. The domes can be equipped with reflecting or anti-reflection coatings.

optical filtersS Eoptical filters from Ecoptik

Ecoptik produces glass filters of different types (absorbing or with thin film coating) for selecting certain radiation bands. We can make many different types and custom optical filters, such as optical comb filters, high/low pass filters and linear variable filters.

optical windowsS Eoptical windows from Ecoptik

Ecoptik manufacturers different types of optical windows, including custom versions. We can make different geometrical shapes, use many different materials (including some for infrared optics), and apply different optical coatings.

prismsS Eprisms from Ecoptik

Ecoptik produces optical prisms for various applications. We can make many different geometrical shapes, e.g. roof prisms, tetrahedral, wedge, octagon, penta, Powell and right angle prisms. We are happy to develop custom versions for you.

reticlesSreticles from Ecoptik

Ecoptik manufactures glass reticles, e.g. with dashed crosshairs for eyepieces of telescopes, by etching and photolithography. We achieve a very high quality and are happy to offer custom versions.

scanning mirrorsSscanning mirrors from Ecoptik

Ecoptik produces ultra-high dynamic, low inertia scanning mirrors for applications like laser processing, streak cameras, LIDAR, security, sensing and targeting applications. The enhanced flexural strength, homogeneity, high resonant frequencies, ultra-low inertia, and optical surface quality are key qualities of our scanning mirrors.

wedge prismsS E

Ecoptik can produce custom prisms, such as e.g. wedge prisms with an integrated lens. Tell us what you need, and we are happy to develop a suitable custom version.

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achromatic optics, anti-reflection coatings, custom optics, cylindrical lenses, dichroic mirrors, infrared optics, laser mirrors, lenses, metal-coated mirrors, optical domes, optical filters, optical windows, prisms, wedge prisms

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