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El.En. S.p.A.

El.En. S.p.A.
Via Baldanzese, 17
50041 Calenzano – Firenze

Tel.:+39 055 882 6807
Fax:+39 055 883 2884
Social media:Facebook, LinkedIn

Company Description

El.En. produces CO2 laser sources, laser scanning heads and custom laser devices for the manufacturing industry. With El.En. you can count on reliability, durability and expert technical assistance because all the core components of our devices are engineered and produced in-house. Our laser sources are geared to achieve speed, precision and ease of integration in a wide range of applications. This is why since 1981 we've been working with more than 2000 companies worldwide, gaining a considerable experience in a wide range of markets. Start making with El.En!


high-power lasers E
laser cleaning machinery
laser cutting machinery
laser drilling machinery
laser machining equipment
laser marking machinery E
laser material processing devices
laser scanners
laser welding machinery

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