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Fastlite offers a variety of tools for the generation of intense ultrashort laser pulses: pulse shapers, pulse characterization equipment and ultrafast laser systems. Our core technology is the Dazzler, an acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter device for shaping ultrashort light pulses, invented and patented by Pierre Tournois.

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carrier–envelope offset measurement and stabilization Ecarrier--envelope offset measurement and stabilization from Fastlite

The combination of the Dazzler or high repetition rate Dazzler single-shot and dispersion-free CEP control, with the multi-kHz single-shot CEP detection of the Fringeezz allows to build high bandwidth carrier–envelope phase stabilization loops. The ultimate CEP control for Ti:sapphire amplifiers, OPCPAs or other CEP-compatible systems, as well as for high-stability interferometers. For amplifier CEP stabilization or phase-tagging, fast and single-shot measurement is mandatory. Placed after a f-to-2f setup, the Fringeezz can extract the CEP error for every shot, up to 10 kHz.

dispersion management devices Edispersion management devices from Fastlite

Fastlite patented Grism design for dispersion management allows independent control of 2nd, 3rd and 4th orders of dispersion. These are ideal solutions for:

  • compact, CEP-compatible stretcher
  • dispersion compensation modules for Dazzler systems
  • stretcher / compressor setups in OPCPA systems

All our solutions are tailored to fit the exact dispersion requirements of your experiment.

optical delay lines E

With multi-MHz laser sources with pulse durations starting from 60 fs, the Dazzler becomes an ultrastable and ultrafast delay line. Multi-kHz scan rate within a compact crystal module. No moving parts, no hysteresis.

This low dispersion acousto-optic delay line opens the way to new kinds of time domain spectroscopy, frequency comb generation schemes, and high repetition rate pump–probe experiments.

optical parametric amplifiers Eoptical parametric amplifiers from Fastlite

The twin Starzz is the new generation of Yb-pumped OPAs for spectroscopists. With its innovative and ultra-stable design compatible with a wide range of ytterbium pump lasers, the twin Starzz delivers the shortest tunable pulses from UV to MIR with an unprecedented simplicity.

optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers Eoptical parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers from Fastlite

Our Starzz systems are custom-made mid-IR OPCPA dedicated to High Harmonic Generation (HHG) and attosecond science. With record CEP stability, high average power or high pulse energy, this new generation of ultrafast light sources combines Yb-doped industrial grade pump lasers with Fastlite landmark technologies to set new standards in ultrafast laser science.

pulse characterization instruments Epulse characterization instruments from Fastlite

The Chirpscan technique is a perfect extension to a Dazzler for pulse compression optimization.

The large scanning range of the Dazzler allows to measure pulses with large time–bandwidth products, thus making it the ideal tool for the alignment and optimization of a compressor.

Specially developed to characterize the output of Fastlite high-flux MIR OPCPA sources, the Frozzer can measure pulses from 3 optical cycles to 5 ps between 1 and 9 μm. It is thus perfectly adaped to the temporal characterization of Yb, Er, or Tm-doped systems as well as signal, idler and DFG outputs of OPA and OPCPA systems.

pulse duration measurement devices Epulse duration measurement devices from Fastlite

The Wizzler products provide high contrast and single shot spectral phase and intensity measurements of nearly compressed ultrafast laser pulses. They are extremely easy to install and to operate, and have become the reference tool for the high intensity laser physics user community. Based on a patented Self-Referenced Spectral Interferometry technique (SRSI), the Wizzler is also easily combined with our Dazzler pulse shaper to automatically optimize the pulse compression of ultrafast amplifiers.

pulse shapers Epulse shapers from Fastlite

Dazzlers (or AOPDF) products are turn-key ultrafast pulse shaping systems, performing simultaneous and independent spectral phase and amplitude programming of ultrafast laser pulses.

See also the high repetition rate Dazzler, working with pulse repetition rates up to 100 kHz.

With over 500 systems installed worldwide, the Dazzler is the reference tool for your pulse shaping applications.

spectrometers Espectrometers from Fastlite

The Mozza products are ideal for spectral characterization of IR pulsed laser sources with repetition rates from few Hz to multi-kHz. Without any moving part, Mozza unique design allows high speed scanning, synchronized with the laser. As a result, real time spectrum display is possible even with kHz-rate light sources.

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