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Femto Sensing International

Fiber sensing with ultimate precision, repeatability, and reliability.

Femto Sensing International
3657 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 10A
Atlanta, GA 30319
United States
Tel.:+1 404 326 3469
Fax:+1 775 420 4683
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Femto Sensing International is dedicated to providing optical sensing interrogators that match or exceed the requirements of our customers’ applications: From our ultimate performance and repeatability interrogators to built-for-application OEM models, our optical instruments drive the growth and widening of the range of industries that choose to adopt optical solutions, and primarily fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) based optical sensing.

Femto Sensing International

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News: Femto Sensing International has expanded its product portfolio and now offers top preformance FAZT IX interrogators as well as new MX and SX series of low cost commercial grade interrogators.

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Star product: The FAZT I4G optical sensing instrument is a revolutionary new breed of interrogator!

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optical sensing instrumentsSoptical sensing instruments from Femto Sensing International

The company’s flagship instrument is the FAZT-I4G INTERROGATOR with 0.1pm absolute precision and 50fm repeatability. With Full Spectrum and Sensor Detect modes of operation, with selectable Static and Dynamic scan rates to 8 kHz, and with unparalleled precision and repeatability. Available with 4 and 16 channels, and in flagship and economy "workhorse" models. All FSI IX interrogators are provided with the FEMTOSENSE Optical Sensing Software, free of charge. The company’s M4 INTERROGATOR is the most popular configuration of our MX Series solid state tunable laser based budget interrogators, which include the M1, M2, M4, M8, M16, M24, and M32 models. MX Series interrogator prices start at $3,300 USD! All FSI MX interrogators are provided with the PICOSENSE Optical Sensing Software, free of charge. The company’s S16 INTERROGATOR is the most popular configuration of our SX Series larger sensors capacity interrogators, which include the S4, S8D, S16, and S16PC models. All FSI SX interrogators are provided with the NANOSENSE Optical Sensing Software, free of charge. Our interrogators have been deployed in some of the world’s most demanding applications. These include marine and other transportation, wind energy generation and other energy, civil and geotechnical engineering, security applications, medical, and industrial applications. Our interrogators are also the instrument of choice for various R & D programs that demand ultimate performance, or a budget solution.

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