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GIP Technology

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GIP Technology Corp.
6F., No.112, Xinmin St., Zhonghe Dist.
New Taipei City 23545
Tel.:+886 2 8226 7855
Fax:+886 2 8226 7955
Website:web link

Company Description

GIP Technology was established in 1999. It specializes in the development and production of optical fiber amplifiers, laser sources and particularly fiber lasers. GIP is dedicated to provide reliable products applied in the fields of industrial lasers, LIDAR, navigation, fiber sensing, optical fiber communications and even in space technology.

As the slogan "Brightening Your Solutions" promises, GIP not only provides the products, but also offers suggestions and proposals to our valuable customers.


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News: GIP will attend TADTE 2023 and Laser & Photonics Taiwan 2023.

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Star product: See our nanosecond green fiber laser unit!.

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fiber lasersS Efiber lasers from GIP Technology

The GIP Technology nanosecond green fiber laser unit (LAS-GFL-NS-00-U) is designed to provide a combination of high power, high pulse energy, high stability and ideal beam quality for environmental monitoring, 3D scanning, and industrial applications.

The green pulse fiber laser contains a microcontroller for internal control, alarm, and RS-232 communication. In addition, the laser can also be controlled by I/O, so the laser can also be used to integrate a galvanometer system. The above-mentioned interface makes the laser widely compatible.

fiber-optic gyroscopesSfiber-optic gyroscopes from GIP Technology

The GIP Technology FOG ASE light source module (LIS-FASE-00-00-M) is based on the principle of Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE); it emits broadband light in the C-band. It is a high power, reliable and stable ASE light source that is suitable for high precision Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG). The low-profile package provides solutions for multiple applications.

laser testing equipmentSlaser testing equipment from GIP Technology

The GIP Technology dual-wavelength fiber laser unit (LAS-DWFL-00-00-U) is a stand-alone CW laser source delivering 1380-nm and 1550-nm laser light for long-range applications.

The LAS-DWFL-00-00-U does not need water-cooling or replacement parts and requires only an 110-V AC power source. It can be used for fiber optic sensing, medical procedures, test and measurement as well as research and development environments.

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