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Gitterwerk GmbH
Moritz-von-Rohr-Str. 1a
07745 Jena
Tel.:+49 3641 316 112 0
Fax:+49 3641 316 113 0
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Manufacturing high-performance diffraction gratings for industrial, commercial, and academic customers is part of our daily business. Gitterwerk specializes in transmission gratings with ultra-high efficiency and exceptional quality. Our gratings are the perfect choice for pulse compression, and also for high-power beam combining and high-sensitivity spectroscopy. Our unique manufacturing technology enables outstanding performance as well as scalable production with excellent reproducibility.

Do you want to take your laser power up a notch? Remember that any increase in grating efficiency counts up to 4 times! Or do you need just a single grating for a specific application with very unique requirements? We welcome the challenge!

Do not hesitate, we are here to help you out!

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Star product: 1030–1040 nm transmission gratings – industrial standard on a new level!

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diffraction gratingsS Ediffraction gratings from Gitterwerk

With the combination of ultra-pure fused silica substrates, all-dielectric coatings, and a unique grating design, Gitterwerk gratings offer a very high damage threshold with maximum diffraction efficiency (up to 99.5%). Beyond that, our unique mask-based full-field exposure process eliminates any stitching artifacts or period variations in our products, resulting in a perfect beam quality with excellent homogeneity. We cover the spectrum from 250 nm – 2500 nm with a series of line densities ranging from 600 l/mm up to 3000 l/mm, which both the optical performance and the mechanical dimensions can be tailored to the customer's specific requirements.

transmission gratingsS Etransmission gratings from Gitterwerk

Gitterwerk’s transmission grating provides a perfect solution for ultra-high-power and ultra-short pulse lasers with maximum efficiency (up to 99.5%). With our new technology, you will get the best gratings without any stitching problems or period variations up to 135 mm diameter, available for high-volume production, as well as customizable requests. We cover the spectrum from 250 nm – 2500 nm with a series of line densities ranging from 600 l/mm up to 3000 l/mm.

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