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Company profile:

HC Photonics Corp.


HC Photonics Corp.
F4, No. 2, Technology Rd. V
Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 300

Tel.:+886 3 666 2123
Fax:+886 3 666 2124

Company Description

HCP specializes in custom solutions of optical wavelength converters for initial development and commercialization of project and product based on periodically poled nonlinear materials – MgO:PPLN/PPLT bulk and waveguide crystals and also fiber-packaged mixers. HCP provides cost-effective and fast turnaround products for full spectrum applications range from UV to mid-IR and THz, enabling scientific and industrial applications, e.g. quantum information, organic gas sensing, bio-medical surgery and others.

HC Photonics has the following distributors:


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
frequency doubling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)Stock periodic poled MgO:LN (PPMgO:LN) crystals/modules are provided for frequency doubling/SHG application from 976 nm to 2300 nm.
nonlinear crystal materialsWe offer periodically poled MgO:LN and MgO:LT crystals/waveguides for highly efficient optical wavelength conversion (SHG, SFG, DFG, OPO, OPG) from UV to mid IR and THz.
periodic poling (periodically poled nonlinear crystals)Stock and customized periodically or aperiodically poled MgO:LN and MgO:LT crystals and waveguides are provided for highly efficient optical wavelength conversion from UV to mid-IR and THz.
quasi-phase matching (periodically poled nonlinear crystals)Periodically or aperiodically poled MgO:LN and MgO:LT crystals and waveguides are provided for highly efficient optical wavelength conversion from UV to mid-IR and THz.
waveguidesPeriodically poled MgO:LN nonlinear waveguides for extremely efficient optical wavelength conversion and quantum information applications are now available!
crystal ovens
frequency quadrupling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
frequency tripling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
laser viewing cards
sum and difference frequency generation (equipment for …)

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