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Creating a Spectrum of Optical Solutions

Holographix LLC
140 Locke Drive
Suite A
Marlborough, MA 01752
United States
Tel.:+1 978 562 4474
Website:web link
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Quality certificate:ISO 9001:2015

Company Description

Holographix LLC is the industry leader in nano- and micro-replication. Our proprietary replication technology enables us to produce state-of-the-art nano- and micro-structured photonic solutions that are used in a wide array of industries including spectroscopy, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace, defense, display, telecommunication, metrology, and precision measurement.

Over the past 35 years, Holographix has been providing customers with custom designed and manufactured, high-performance, replicated optical components and assemblies for a wide range of applications. Custom transmission and reflection diffraction gratings, microlens arrays, and diffractive waveguides are our main products. We also produce a wide range of custom optical and non-optical replicated products from customer-supplied molds. Therefore, if you require a custom nano- or micro-structured surface of any kind, please contact us!

Holographix maintains a rigorous quality assurance program designed to ISO 9001 standards.


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diffraction gratingsS Ediffraction gratings from Holographix

Holographix works closely with our customers to assist them in the development of custom grating-based solutions from concept to production. We produce both reflection gratings and transmission gratings using our proprietary UV replication technology. Blazed, binary, sinusoidal and slanted grating profiles are available options.

diffractive opticsS Ediffractive optics from Holographix

Holographix works with our customers to design and manufacture custom Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) to their unique specifications. We design and manufacture a wide range of DOEs, from basic patterns to more complex multilevel designs.

diffusersS Ediffusers from Holographix

Holographix works with our customers to design and manufacture custom optical diffusers to their specifications. We have the capabilities to manufacture a wide range of optical diffusers, from basic repetitive designs to more complex random and pseudo-random designs.

microlens arraysS Emicrolens arrays from Holographix

Holographix designs and produces cost-effective, high quality custom microlens arrays (MLAs) to customer specifications. We manufacture a wide range of polymer-on-glass MLAs using our proprietary UV replication technology. Our master molds are produced using a variety of mastering techniques, allowing us to offer replicated MLAs with a wide selection of possible lens profiles, packing configurations, sizes, and tolerances. We offer replicas in a range of refractive indices that are solder reflow compatible. Our manufacturing process and equipment allow us to produce precisely aligned single and double-sided MLAs with accurate polymer thickness and flatness control. We also offer wafer-level processing for customers that require high volume scalability.

micro-opticsS Emicro-optics from Holographix

Holographix’ proprietary UV replication technology can reproduce virtually any micro-structured surface onto a variety of substrate shapes, sizes and materials. From lenslet arrays and sub-micron motheye structures to high-aspect-ratio diffraction gratings, we can mold the surface structure with such fidelity that the performance of the component typically equals the master it was derived from. Holographix replicates structures with pitches and depths ranging from less than 10 nm to more than 100 microns.

transmission gratingsS Etransmission gratings from Holographix

Using advanced design and manufacturing processes, Holographix produces custom surface relief transmission gratings that consistently meet or exceed the performance of volume gratings, but at a fraction of the cost!

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