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2740 Einstein Street
Québec, Québec G1P 4S4
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INO is the largest centre of expertise in optics and photonics in Canada and is among the best technological research centres in the world. For the past 30 years, it has created and developed innovative and valuable solutions to meet the needs of businesses in Quebec and throughout Canada.

Through multiple light applications, from laser and fibre optics technologies to imaging systems, INO controls light to capture, identify, predict, decide or transform the real world.


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fiber amplifiersS Efiber amplifiers from INO

LaserNGN is a counter-pumping amplification module based on INO’s Yb-doped tapered PM optical fiber technology. It provides excellent output mode quality (M2 < 1.3) and reliable operation at high peak power and high average power thanks to INO low-photodarkening core chemistry. LaserNGN can be operated TMI-free at up to 100 W of average output power without affecting beam quality and polarization. The module can be easily integrated with a pigtailed oscillator using its standard 10/125 PM input fiber. For further ease of operation, we also offer an optional pre-aligned pump-injection module specifically designed for the LaserNGN gain module.

high-power fiber lasers and amplifiersS Ehigh-power fiber lasers and amplifiers from INO

INO has a long history of custom laser development for specific pulsed laser application. The cornerstone of the INO laser offering is our MOPAW technology, which provides unparalleled flexibility on the repetition rate (single-shot to 500 kHz), pulse duration (2 ns to 1 ms), and temporal pulse shape control. The MOPAW laser is perfectly well suited as a seed laser for high power amplifiers and frequency conversion thanks to its programmable temporal pulse shape, which can help precompensate for certain temporal effects such as gain saturation.

polarization-maintaining fibersS Epolarization-maintaining fibers from INO

INO has been fabricating optical fibers for over 30 years. We make a wide range of specialty optical fibers for various applications, but high-end PM fibers constitute our main offering, as our FastFBR line of Yb-doped PM fibers clearly shows. One of our key areas of expertise is our ability to produce polarization-maintaining fibers 100% in-house, including preform drilling, PM fiber drawing, and fabrication of stress-applying parts.

rare-earth-doped fibersS Erare-earth-doped fibers from INO

FastFBR is INO’s line of Yb-doped PM fiber based on our low-photodarkening core chemistry. FastFBR has a fiber for every amplification stage of your high-power pulsed laser system: from the 5 µm core single-clad Yb401-PM, to our Yb-10/125-PM and Yb-15/125-PM fibers suitable for medium power amplification stage, and up to our Yb-35/250-PM and tapered PM fiber suitable for high-power amplification duties. This line of optical fiber is intended for industrial pulsed laser applications for which long-term reliability and output mode quality are of paramount importance.

tapered fibersS Etapered fibers from INO

The INO FastFBR taper is a Yb-doped PM optical fiber with a 56 µm output core diameter, which translates into an output effective area of nearly 1000 µm2. This tapered fiber features a confined core for selective gain amplification of the fundamental mode and a patented depressed-cladding design for enhanced suppression of higher order modes, making it the perfect choice for pulsed application requiring superior beam quality. Like the rest of INO’s FastFBR line of optical fibers, the YB-MCOF-35/250-56/400-07-2.2-T0.7-PM tapered fiber is based on low-photodarkening core chemistry that ensures reliable long-term operation required by industrial lasers.

See also our white paper on FASTFBR Yb-doped PM Optical Fiber Taper!

terahertz camerasSterahertz cameras from INO

Our MICROXCAM-384i THz camera delivers superior-quality images in real time. The camera is sensitive across a broad terahertz band, enabling it to see through a wide variety of materials, including fabric, ceramic, plastic, leather, cardboard, and more. With its very high sensitivity over a wide spectral range, the MICROXCAM-384i THz produces a 16-bit raw signal at 50 Hz via a gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connection. Its small footprint (61 x 61 x 65 mm) makes the device easier to integrate into bigger systems. There are three available lenses, each perfectly matched with our camera: F/0.7, F/0.6 and macro.

ultrafast amplifiersS Eultrafast amplifiers from INO

INO’s FastFBR Tapered fiber is a low-photodarkening Yb-doped tapered PM fiber featuring a 56 µm core output and a patented fiber design enhancing the differential bending losses of the high-order modes. This technology is the perfect solution for achieving high power output in an ultrafast laser system while preserving an excellent mode quality and a linearly polarized output. The INO FastFBR taper is available either as a bare fiber or already packaged in a LaserNGN gain module.

ytterbium-doped laser gain mediaS Eytterbium-doped laser gain media from INO

Our FastFBR line of Yb-doped PM fibers has been developed to cover all fiber core sizes that may be required for any amplifying stage of an industrial laser chain. From our 5 µm core diameter single-clad Yb401-PM to our 56 µm output core diameter multiclad tapered fiber, the low-photodarkening PM fiber in the FastFBR line is designed to ensure reliable performances of your pulsed laser system.


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