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Intrinsic Crystal Technology

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Qinhuangdao Intrinsic Crystal Technology Co., Ltd.
Xihu Road #1
Economic Technology Zone
Qinhuangdao City, Heibei 066000
Tel.:+86 0335 706 4988
Fax:+86 0335 706 4518
Website:web link
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Company Description

ICC is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China, and is a high-tech enterprise integrating material growth, component processing, coating, and devices.

Company team: The company employs more than 300 people and has a team of first-class optical design, production R&D, and technical experts, including 19 Ph.D. degree holders and more than 10.4% of scientific researchers.

Company qualification: We have 16 invention patents, obtained ISO 9001: 2015; ISO14001: 2015; ISO45001:2018, etc. Qualifications: National High-tech Enterprise, R&D Institution, Technology-based Enterprise, Specialized and New Enterprise, Fluoride Material Academician Workstation.

Business scope: full coverage of fluoride, Si, Ge, ZnS, ZnSe infrared materials; the whole industry chain closed loop of crystal raw material preparation, crystal growth, component primary processing, finishing, coating, components, etc.

Technical strength: CaF2, BaF2, MgF2 growth process, world leading.

Production capacity: existing flat, spherical and aspheric processing centers, annual production capacity of various types of flat lenses, lenses, prisms, aspheric lenses and other optical lenses more than 5 million pieces. The largest capacity fluoride supplier in China, with annual output of over 80 tons of fluoride; the head supplier of silicon-germanium material in China, with annual output of over 26 tons.

Customer range: The company provides customized materials for low stress, high purity and high uniformity infrared crystals to customers in over 60 countries and regions around the world.

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fiber opticsS E

ICC can manufacturing large core specialty optical fiber, single fiber assemblies, high temperature fiber, high power fiber, bundled assemblies, fiber sensing probe, vacuum feedthroughs solutions, fiberscope and we package these fibers in a variety of assemblies used for optical power delivery and optical sensing applications.

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infrared opticsS Einfrared optics from Intrinsic Crystal Technology

Intrinsic Crystal Technology is the biggest fluoride crystal material and optics supplier in China. We supply CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, LiF material covering the VUV to IR spectrum. We can also deliver cut blanks, polished discs, drilled parts, spherical lenses, prisms and coated mirrors in very large quantity with best price. Intrinsic also grows silicon material including mirrors in optical grade and supplies optics like mirrors, AR-coated lenses and ATR prisms. We are also good at ZnSe/ZnS/Ge IR material optics.

laser mirrorsS E

Our laser mirrors have a high reflectivity and are wiping resistant. They are suitable for operation in harsh environments and have a long life span. We can fabricate customized laser mirrors of different diameters and specifications according to customer requirement, and also provide perforated, trimmed and other heteromorphic mirrors.

ICC stock mirrors: diameter 12/18/19/20/25/25.4/30/38.1 mm, thickness: 3 mm, wavelength: 10.6 μm.

laser opticsS E

ICC can produce flat, cylindrical, spherical, non-spherical and prismatic laser components such as laser protection windows, mirrors, beam concentrators, output coupler,focus lens, beam splitters and scanning mirrors. Also, we have beam splitters, beam combiners, scanning galvo mirrors and others.

Diameters: 0 to 350 mm, Ra < 3 nm, PV < 0.2 μm.

Available in quartz, sapphire, Si, Ge, ZnSe, glass, copper, aluminium, etc.

lensesS Elenses from Intrinsic Crystal Technology

The laser lenses provided by Intrinsic Crystal are mainly used for scanning, illumination, imaging, or cutting systems. They can be used for laser shaping, beam expanders, beam combiners, field lenses, galvanometer mirrors, and beam splitters. The available optical materials are quartz, BK7 glass, ZnSe, calcium fluoride, monocrystalline silicon, sapphire, ZK7 and others.

optical crystalsS E

ICC offers optical crystals of CaF2, MgF2, LiF2, BaF2. ICC is China's largest manufacturer of fluoride crystals.

  • crystal structure: polycrystalline, single crystal, 111 orientation, 001 orientation, 110 orientation, and others
  • material size: 3-350 mm diameter, 0.5-200 mm thickness.
  • application wavelength band: UV 0.2-7.0 μm; IR 4-7.0 μm; excimer grade: 193/248/355 nm
  • product condition: rods, fine ground flakes, open spherical lenses.

Made-to-order products: low stress, low delay, special orientations, doped crystals.

optical filtersS E

ICC currently has six different coating machines, including one for diamond-like carbon (DLC) and two for broadband anti-reflection coatings. We mainly produce infrared antireflection coatings, infrared filters, and diamond-like carbon coatings, providing customers with various coating services and products.

Our DCL coatings are made with advanced technology to meet US military standards and reach excellent surface finish.

optical materialsS Eoptical materials from Intrinsic Crystal Technology

ICC offers optical crystals of CaF2, MgF2, LiF2, BaF2, silicon, germanium and ZnSe. ICC is China's largest manufacturer of fluoride crystals.

optical windowsS Eoptical windows from Intrinsic Crystal Technology

ICC supplies UV-VIS-IR optical windows made of CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, Si, Ge, ZnSe, BK7, UVFS, sapphire, pyrex, borofloat, etc. These material can be coated or uncoated with sizes from 3 mm to 350 mm.

scanning mirrorsS

We have scanning mirrors which are gold coated silicon or optical glass with dielectric coatings. The scanning mirrors are lightweight rectangular total reflection mirrors that are used for high speed two-axis laser scanning systems. They have reflectivities up to 99.7% or more at ±25° angle of incidence and can withstand laser powers of 2000 W and more. With their scientific design of shape and size and their reliable quality, they are now widely applicable in two-axis laser scanning systems, e.g. for laser marking and stage lighting systems. Customized sizes can be fabricated according to customer's drawings and samples – just ask us.

ICC stock mirrors are for input beam diameters of 8/10/12/15/16 mm.

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