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Kentek Corporation
5 Jarado Way
Boscawen, NH 03303
United States
Tel.:+1 603 223 4900
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Established in 1983, Kentek Corporation has served thousands of laser users in more than 60 countries around the world. Kentek has the most comprehensive laser safety products and services including eyewear, barriers and curtains, viewing windows, beam control, beam evaluation, training and consulting for all laser users in any environment.


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We offer single vision and prescription laser safety eyewear!

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Star product: TABLE-GUARD™ and BENCH-GUARD™ Laser Barriers offer modular and highly flexible approaches to blocking laser beams on an optical table.

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Product categoryEncDescription
beam dumpsS Ebeam dumps from Kentek

TRAP-IT™ laser beam dumps, available in convection- and liquid-cooled configurations, employ an original Kentek design to create an infinite internal trap of laser beam energy.

eye protection equipmentS Eeye protection equipment from Kentek

Kentek offers a broad range of laser eyewear filters in polymer and glass to provide protective eyewear with a range of special features and advantages, depending on the environment. Materials include glass, polymer and coated filters. Eyewear frames are also available with a broad range of features.

infrared viewersS Einfrared viewers from Kentek

We offer handheld laser radiation viewers with soft carrying case for visible and infrared wavelengths, 350–2,000 nm. Laser protective eyewear is required while using this device with class 3B or class 4 lasers. Includes infrared cutoff filter 700–1,700 nm. Powered by 1 AAA battery.

infrared-to-visible convertersSinfrared-to-visible converters from Kentek

Kentek's VIEW-IT® infrared laser detectors feature a high efficiency laser sensitive material that provides an unlimited period of viewing for both pulsed and continuous wave lasers. These products require no charging, use no batteries or external power, yet provide continuous viewing of laser beam shapes.

VIEW-IT® Infrared Laser Detectors are stimulated by lasers with infrared wavelengths, 800–1,700 nm and emit a green color at 532 nm. The available configurations include discs, blocks, pocket cards, traditional wand and stand assemblies, flexible sheets with low-tack adhesive that you can cut to fit your unique application.

interlocksS Einterlocks from Kentek

The ENTRY-GUARD™ laser area access control systems provide fail-safe access controls to ensure safe and authorized access to areas with laser radiation. Our systems provide design flexibility for customization to your laser radiation areas. When the power to the controller is interrupted, critical outputs, such as door magnetic locks and laser interlocks, revert to a safe state: magnetic locks off, laser interlocks open.

ENTRY-GUARD™ products can be integrated with many components of access control systems, such as lasers, laser enclosures, laser shutters, curtain systems, light curtains, entryway doors, warning signs, status lights, audible signals, keypads, card readers, biometric scanners, safety interlocks, proximity sensors, safety mats, crash bar sensors, laser scanners, PLC circuits, switches (emergency stop, remote start, exit request, bypass key), magnetic locks and electronic latches.

laser enclosuresSlaser enclosures from Kentek

Kentek laser enclosures are aluminum constructions with standard sizes of 24 × 24 × 24, 36 × 36 × 36 and 48 × 36 × 36 inches. Enclosures feature interlocked doors, hinged with gas piston assist or dual sliding and viewing port cutouts designed to accommodate a laser viewing window (sold separately). They comes with aluminum panels to fill viewing port cutouts. Other features include a 2 inch cable port and 2 inch exhaust flange, both with internal shielding. Black powder coat finish and an optional base plate is available (sold separately).

laser glassesS Elaser glasses from Kentek

Kentek offers a broad range of laser eyewear filters in polymer and glass to provide protective eyewear with a range of special features and advantages, depending on the environment. Materials include glass, polymer and coated filters. Eyewear frames are also available with a broad range of features.

laser safety curtainsSlaser safety curtains from Kentek

Kentek FLEX-GUARD® fabric and EVER-GUARD® metal laser safety curtains are built to exacting specifications with durable components to provide years of service. Laser safety curtains are manufactured to meet custom specifications and to fit any area in your environment. Enclose laser areas with ceiling or floor-mounted systems. Durable and flame retardant materials are suspended from coated black steel track engineered for low-friction operation. Virtually any configuration is possible using curves, bypass rollers and other accessories. Kentek's patented EVER-GUARD® curtain systems provide outstanding protection for all lasers. EVER-GUARD® retractable curtains are the most protective laser safety curtains commercially available. Designed for high power laser applications, these laser safety curtains offer the flexibility of a fabric curtain with the protection of a metal barrier.

laser safety equipment and consultingS Elaser safety equipment and consulting from Kentek

Kentek offers laser safety equipment including laser interlocks, entryway control systems, automated controls, sign controllers, fume extraction and other equipment. Kentek can help design a laser safe area with the use of laser safety equipment.

See also our white paper on LASERSMART® Laser Safety Program – A Safety Primer!

laser viewing cardsS Elaser viewing cards from Kentek

The VIEW-IT® infrared laser detector handheld pocket card, VS-22IR, features a target of 2 inches (50.8 mm) square. The target converts invisible 800–1700 nm light to a visible green with a minimum sensitivity of 1 mJ/cm² and a maximum damage threshold of 1 J/cm² for nanosecond pulses, 10 J/cm² for microsecond or millisecond pulses and 30 W/cm² for continuous wave operation. Outside dimensions are 3.5 × 2 × 0.025 inches [88.9 × 50.8 × 0.66 mm]. Requires no charging or batteries to illuminate.

laser warning signsSlaser warning signs from Kentek

Our laser danger, warning and notice signs and labels for all hazard classes meet ANSI standards Z136 and Z535 and International Organization for Standardization standards ISO 3864-1 and ISO 3864-2.

The LED sign module in lighted signs is FCC approved, ISA approved, RoHS compliant and UL recognized.

optical power metersS Eoptical power meters from Kentek

Kentek is an authorized distributor in the United States and Canada for Gentec EO power measurement meters and displays. We work with a handful of companies to provide the most comprehensive line of laser and IPL measurement devices. Whether your application requires a thermopile, photodiode, or pyroelectric sensor, we can cross-reference your specifications and find a solution for your application.

optical windowsS Eoptical windows from Kentek

Laser viewing windows made of polymer or glass with defined laser protection specifications are available in stock and custom-cut sizes. Laser safe acrylic viewing windows are durable, scratch-resistant and have excellent optical clarity. These are available in stock sizes or custom-made for large viewing ports or small instrument viewing ports. Laser protective filter glass windows are superior for infrared, ultraviolet and extreme environmental conditions.

training on laser safetyS

Kentek’s complete LaserSmart® line of laser safety services and products includes classroom and online training and certification, auditing and consulting services and laser safety software. Training courses range from basic laser safety for university/research or industrial environments to Laser Safety Officer training. All courses are offered on-site at the customer's facility, online at your own pace, in the classroom or online livestream.


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