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Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum
Emery Court
Stockport, Cheshire SK4 3GL
United Kingdom

Tel.:+44 161 975 5300
Fax:+44 161 975 5309
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Company Description

Laser Quantum exists to provide excellent laser technology to the world's photonics community by insisting upon knowledge, passion and integrity from our employees and reliability, worthiness and quality from our products.

Laser Quantum is now part of the Novanta group. Novanta is a trusted technology partner to OEMs in the medical and advanced industrial technology markets, with deep proprietary expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion technologies.

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ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
blue lasers

473 nm blue DPSS CW laser offering up to 500 mW of blue CW power. It is ideal for biomedical imaging, Raman applications etc.

diode-pumped lasers

Laser Quantum offers a wide range of wavelengths and powers from 473 to 1064 nm, 25 mW to 16 W. All lasers characterised by low noise, compact housing and robust long lifetimes due to aerospace testing regimes.

frequency combs (equipment for generating …)

The taccor comb consists of a 1 GHz turn-key Ti:sapphire laser with a matched dispersion compensation module, supercontinuum generation and ultra-stable f-to-2f interferometer. It provides an electrical output signal at the carrier-envelope offset (CEO) frequency with at least 40 dB signal-to-noise ratio in 100 kHz bandwidth. The supercontinuum generation fibre coupling is stable for long periods.

green lasers

Laser Quantum offers lasers with 25 mW to 16 W, suitable for many applications including oscillator pumping (lasers are designed to exceed all requirements for noise sensitive applications such as CEP stabilisation). Also Raman applications, optical tweezing and fluorescence imaging.

mode-locked lasers

Laser Quantum offers lasers and oscillators covering the MHz to GHz ultrafast regime. Ideal for amplifier seeding, pump probe spectroscopy and two photon microscopy.

optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification (OPCPA light sources)

Laser Quantum manufacture the world's first commercially available OPCPA system. Generating a unique combination of few-cycle pulse durations and pulse energies in the μJ regime at high repetition rates, the system can be CEP stabilised without the need for additional spectral broadening.

red lasers

The ignis and opus lasers provide red light from 50 mW up to 1.5 W with TEM00 M2 < 1.1 beam quality. Ideal for super-resolution microscopy techniques.

single-frequency lasers

The torus range of lasers provide 532 and 660 nm of SLM. The both benefit from active mode stabilisation technology to eliminate mode drifting and mode hopping.

THz sources

Laser Quantum offer a range of THz emmiters. The Tera-SED is a planar large-area GaAs based photo-conductive emitter for impulsive generation of broad- band terahertz (THz) radiation.

ultrafast lasers

The Laser Quantum ultrafast lasers cover 84 MHz to 1 GHz repetition rates, with powers up to 1.8 W. They contain integral pump lasers and offer long mode locking stability and warranties.

carrier-envelope offset (equipment for measuring or stabilizing the … of a laser)
chirped mirrors
chirped-pulse amplification (chirped-pulse amplifier systems)
dispersion compensation (equipment for …)
dispersion compensation modules
femtosecond lasers
high-power lasers
narrow-linewidth lasers
optical metrology (… equipment)
optical time domain reflectometry (equipment for …)
optical tweezers
pulse characterization (equipment for …)
pulse compression (equipment for …)
pump-probe measurements (equipment for pump-probe measurements)
Raman spectroscopy (equipment for …)
solid-state lasers
terahertz radiation
titanium-sapphire lasers
tunable lasers
YAG lasers