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Laserton Optic Co., Ltd.

Laserton Optic Co., Ltd.
C506, #1 Building
Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars
No. 69 Huayang Road, Lixia District
Jinan, Shandong

Tel.:+1 206 497 8175
Social media:Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn

Company Description

Laserton is a manufacturer specialized in laser crystals, nonlinear crystals and other precision optical components.

Our optical crystals have a good optical homogeneity. We can provide BBO, KTA, KDP, LBO, SBN, KDP, LiNbO3 nonlinear crystals. Also, we offer electr-optic KTP and RTP crystals with high damage threshold and low half-wave voltage for application in Q-switches.

Laserton can grow large diameter laser crystals with the Czochralski technique. We can provide Nd:YAG, Ce:YAG, Cr4+:YAG, Er:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Yb:YVO4.

We have been honored as "Best Supplier" by many companies from various countries. To supply you the best quality products with competitive price is the key to our enterprise success.


laser crystals

Laserton has 6 years experience with optical production. We can provide laser crystals made of Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Yb:YAG, Cr:YAG and other materials. We also give professional technical advice on crystal selection.

nonlinear crystal materials

Laserton's nonlinear crystals are with good optical homogeneity. We could provide LBO, RTP, KTA, KTP, KDP, BBO, LiNbO3, SBN crystals.

beam splitters
electro-optic modulators
frequency doubling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
gain media (laser crystals and glasses)
laser crystals versus glasses (laser crystals and glasses)
laser mirrors
neodymium-doped gain media
optical windows
Pockels cells
Q switches (active …)

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