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Saulėtekio al. 15 – 214
10224 Vilnius
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LD4B is a team of engineers and scientists with passion in photonics. Our mission is to perform efficient optical fiber alignment and manufacture reliable fiber-coupled laser diodes, SLDs and photodiodes. Our modules find applications in equipment for telecommunications, sensorics, microwave photonics, life sciences and scientific research.

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fiber-coupled diode lasersS Efiber-coupled diode lasers from LD4B

We offer laser diodes with emission wavelengths between 500 nm and 1650 nm, which are coupled to single-mode and PM fibers in coaxial and DIL-14-pins packages. Applications are OTDR, microwave photonics, optical security systems, sensor systems, etc.

photodiodesS Ephotodiodes from LD4B

We offer high-speed fiber-coupled photodiodes (PIN, APD, PIN-TIA and APD-TIA) in coaxial packages for various applications (OTDR, microwave photonics, optical security systems, sensor systems etc.).

superluminescent diodesS Esuperluminescent diodes from LD4B

We offer fiber-coupled broadband superluminescent diodes in COAXIAL or DIL package, emitting around 1310 nm or 1550 nm with 40 nm spectral dwidth.

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