RP Photonics

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Company profile:

Lightcomm Technology Co., Ltd.

Lightcomm Technology Co., Ltd.
3F, Building 2
North Area of Honghualing Industry Park
1268 Liuxian Avenue

Tel.:+86 755 8615 7878
Fax:+86 755 8343 4363


ProductAlternative Suppliers
beam combining (components for …)
cladding mode strippers
erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Faraday rotators
fiber pump combinersDK Photonics
fiber-optic polarizers
mode field adaptors
optical power monitors
optical switches
polarization-maintaining fibersNKT Photonics

For suppliers with an ad package, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers. Only companies with enhanced productad package are listed as alternative suppliers.