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Light with high power and luminance for industry and research – a brand of Technologie Manufaktur
Hannah-Vogt-Str. 1
37085 Göttingen
Tel.:+49 551 2 70 76 50
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Company Description is specialized in the development of professional light sources with high luminance and other optical components and devices that meet the high demands of industry and research. Our solutions can be easily integrated into existing installations and structures.

As a small, owner-managed company, we work closely together with our customers to create and implement individual solutions in addition to our range of standard products. in the Virtual Exhibition

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beam homogenizersS Ebeam homogenizers from

The beam homogenizer from works in the wavelength range for 350 nm to 2000 m, or 200 nm to 2000 nm with quartz glass optics. It offers extremely high homogeneity with a deviation of only ±2% and at the same time a transmission of more than 50% of the coupled light. This is made possible by a flyeye condenser, which is equipped with two microlens arrays with 400 lens elements each.

light-emitting diodesS Elight-emitting diodes from

The LS-HP1 works with the latest generation of high-power LEDs with up to 100 W power from an area of less than 15 mm². With the LS-HP1 series, we achieve outstanding luminance levels through optimized optical coupling into the liquid light guide without heating it up too much. The LS-HP1 is available for liquid light guides with core diameters of 3 or 5 mm.

There are versions with broadband white light emission and with quasi-monochromatic emission, available for different wavelengths.

monochromatorsS Emonochromators from

The Monochromator-F is suitable for fiber-coupled light sources (like our LS-WL1 or LS-BB1) in a wide wavelength range from the UV to mid-IR.

wavelength-tunable light sourcesS Ewavelength-tunable light sources from

For the efficient generation of wavelength-tunable monochromatic light, we offer the Monochromator-H and Hyperchromator in conjunction with suitable white light sources:

  • The Monochromator-H has an integrated halogen lamp, covering the range from 340 nm to 2000 nm.
  • The Hyperchromator is specifically made for the laser-pumped XWS-30 light source from ISTEQ. It works from 190 nm to 2200 nm.
white light sourcesS Ewhite light sources from

Our fiber-coupled light sources LS-HP1, LS-WL1, LS-BB1 and LS-MC1 are perfect sources for every lab:

  • The laser-pumped white light source LS-WL1 owes its extremely high luminance to two blue laser diodes that pump a ceramic phosphor converter.
  • Our latest light source is the LS-HP1 high-power light source. It is available in a monochromatic and a white light version and is exceptionally powerful.
  • Furthermore, our broadband LED light source LS-BB1 covers the large spectrum from VIS to NIR with a single LED, making it a real alternative to halogen-based light sources.
  • The LS-MC1 series ensures high luminance and supports many different wavelengths.

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