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Company profile:

Mountain Photonics GmbH

Mountain Photonics GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Str. 18
86899 Landsberg am Lech

Tel.:+49 8191 9 85 19 90
Fax:+49 8191 98 51 99 99


ProductAlternative Suppliers
beam scanners
cavity dumping (equipment for … and cavity-dumped lasers)
characterization of optics
chirped-pulse amplification (chirped-pulse amplifier systems)
deuterium lamps
distributed Bragg reflector laserseagleyard Photonics
fiber polarization controllers
high harmonic generation (equipment for …)Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories, Laser Quantum
holmium-doped gain media
Kerr lens mode locking (Kerr lens mode-locked lasers)
optical tweezersLaser Quantum
planar waveguides
polarization controllers
polarization scramblers
pulse stretchersTeraXion
regenerative amplifiers
thulium-doped gain media
THz crystals
volume Bragg gratings

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