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Enabling new applications with ultrashort laser pulses

n2-Photonics GmbH
Krausestraße 102
22049 Hamburg
Tel.:+49 40 6077 3472 0
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n2-Photonics is a worldwide supplier of pulse compressors, pulse shortening add-on units. Our primary mission is enabling new applications via industrial-grade ultra-short pulses <100 fs. Our team has many years of cumulative experience with ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond lasers and especially with high average power systems >100 W. We particularly pay attention to reliability, user-friendliness and robustness. We are permanently iterating and improving our products with the goal to make our customers happy and, of course, enabling new applications. Thanks to the driven and experienced team, we can cover different applications such as high harmonic generation, nonlinear/multiphoton microscopy, material processing, in particular, micromachining of transparent materials.



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Video: Pulse shortening and compression unit running live with 50 fs at Laser World of Photonics 2023

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multipass gas cellsS Emultipass gas cells from n2-Photonics

Our core technology is nonlinear multipass cells. However, we also offer this technology for different applications. The gas cells show delays in the range up to 100 meters. Moreover, they are gas tight and can hold pressure up to 20 bar depending on the volume.

pulse compressorsS Epulse compressors from n2-Photonics

We offer different add-on pulse compression modules (MIKSs) to spectrally broaden and temporally shorten the pulses from your picosecond or femtosecond laser. The modules are compatible with nearly all commercial ultrafast lasers. Pulse shortening factors of 5× to 10× are easily reachable in a single stage with over 90% transmission. The core of our technology is nonlinear spectral broadening in multipass cells. For example, MIKS1_S module shortens the input pulses with 200–400 fs pulse duration and 1–200 μJ energy down to <50 fs with extremely high transmission of over 90%. This module can be shipped to you and easily installed remotely.

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