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Company profile:

Newport Corporation


Newport Corporation
1791 Deere Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606
United States

Tel.:+1 949 863 3144
Fax:+1 949 253 1680
Social media:Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube

Company Description

Newport Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of MKS Instruments (MKSI) is a leading global supplier of advanced technology products and solutions for Scientific Research, Life & Health Science, Aerospace & Defense, Photovoltaics, Industrial Manufacturing, Semiconductors, and Microelectronics markets. Established in 1969, Newport has over 47 years of industry knowledge and expertise across a broad range of technologies allowing the company to continually deliver innovative products in the areas lasers, photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, vibration isolation, optical components and subsystems and precision automation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers' manufacturing, engineering and research applications. In Addition, Newport has built a strong history of partnering with OEM customers delivering solutions from sub assemblies to full solutions including design, testing and manufacturing.

Newport has the following distributors:


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
M2 factor (equipment for laser beam quality characterization)
achromatic optics
advice on product selection
alignment lasers
amplifiers (optical …)
anti-reflection coatings
arc lamps
aspheric optics
beam collimators
beam combining (components for …)
beam dumps
beam expanders
beam homogenizers
beam profilers
beam quality (products related to laser beam quality)
beam shapers
beam splitters
blue lasers
Brewster plates
Brewster windows
chirped mirrors
chopper wheels
cleaning of optics (equipment for …)
collimated beams (laser beam collimators)
custom optics
cylindrical lenses
deuterium lamps
dichroic mirrors
dielectric coatings
dielectric mirrors
diffraction gratings
dispersion compensation (equipment for …)
dispersive mirrors
electro-optic modulators
external-cavity diode lasers
eye protection (equipment for …)
Faraday isolators
Faraday rotators
femtosecond lasers
fiber cables
fiber cleavers
fiber collimators
fiber connectors
fiber couplers
fiber lasers
fiber optics
fiber-optic adaptors
fiber-optic polarizers
fibers (optical …)
gas lasers
gradient index lenses
green lasers
helium-neon lasers
holography (equipment for …)
homogenizing rods
infrared optics
infrared viewers
integrating spheres
lamp-pumped lasers (… and replacement lamps)
laser beam characterization
laser beam delivery systems
laser cleaning (equipment for …)
laser diode drivers
laser diode modules
laser enclosures
laser energy meters
laser material processing (equipment for …)
laser mirrors
laser safety (… equipment and consulting)
laser safety curtains
laser viewing cards
LIDAR (… equipment)
measurement and calibration services
medical lasers
metal-coated mirrors
microlens arrays
microscope objectives
mirror mounts
multiple element lenses
narrow-linewidth lasers
neutral density filters
ophthalmology (equipment for …)
optical apertures
optical attenuators
optical breadboards
optical filters
optical flats
optical modulators
optical mounts
optical rails
optical sensors
optical spectrum analyzers
optical tables
optical windows
parabolic mirrors
polarization beam combining (equipment for …)
polarization-maintaining fibers
positioning equipment
position-sensitive detectors
prototype building
pulse characterization (equipment for …)
pulse shapers
pulse stretchers
pulsed lasers
Q-switched lasers
Raman amplifiers
Raman spectroscopy (equipment for …)
red lasers
scanning lenses
semiconductor optical amplifiers
single photon counting
single-frequency lasers
single-frequency operation (single-frequency lasers or equipment for achieving … of lasers)
single-mode fibers
single-photon sources
specialty fibers
spectroscopy (equipment for …)
supercontinuum generation (supercontinuum sources and materials for …)
synchronization of lasers (equipment for the …)
tapered amplifiers
temperature controllers
terahertz radiation
thin-film polarizers
THz sources
tunable lasers
tunable optical filters
ultrafast amplifiers
ultrafast lasers
ultraviolet lasers
ultraviolet light (… sources)
ultraviolet optics
variable optical attenuators
variable reflectivity mirrors
vibration isolation (equipment for …)
wavelength-swept lasers
yellow and orange lasers

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