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Newport Corporation
1791 Deere Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606
United States

Tel.:+1 949 863 3144
Fax:+1 949 253 1680
Website:web link

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ProductSeeAlternative Suppliers
having our ad package, publishing product information
arc lampsS EMegawatt Lasers
autocorrelatorsS EAPE, Edmund Optics, Femto Easy, Light Conversion, Thorlabs, UltraFast Innovations
balanced photodetectorsS EALPHALAS
ball lensesS EEdmund Optics, Knight Optical, Shalom EO, Shanghai Optics
beam dumpsS EAcktar, Edmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS, Gentec Electro-Optics, Kentek
beam homogenizersS EEdmund Optics, Focuslight Technologies, IRD Glass, Knight Optical, PowerPhotonic, Shanghai Optics
beam quality measurement devicesS EDataRay, Femto Easy, Gentec Electro-Optics
Berek compensatorsS E
Brewster platesS EEdmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS
Brewster windowsS EArtifex Engineering, Edmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS, Perkins Precision Developments
calibration light sourcesS
chirped mirrorsS EEdmund Optics, LASEROPTIK, OPTOMAN, TeraXion, Thorlabs, UltraFast Innovations
cold mirrorsS EEdmund Optics, Shanghai Optics, VisiMax Technologies
condensersS EEdmund Optics, Knight Optical
deuterium lampsS
dispersion compensation modulesS EAPE, TeraXion, Thorlabs
dispersive mirrorsS EEdmund Optics, LASEROPTIK, OPTOMAN, Thorlabs, UltraFast Innovations
educational laser kitsSAdvanced Photonic Sciences, ALPHALAS, Laser Peak
educational optics kitsSLaser Peak
external-cavity diode lasersS EAlpes Lasers, eagleyard Photonics, RPMC Lasers, Sacher Lasertechnik, TOPTICA Photonics
Faraday rotator mirrorsS ECSRayzer Optical Technology, DK Photonics
fiber cleaversS ENYFORS
fiber launch systemsS Eart photonics, Guiding Photonics, Schäfter + Kirchhoff, Vescent Photonics
fiber-optic depolarizersS
fiber-optic polarizersSDK Photonics, iXblue
gas discharge lampsS EMegawatt Lasers
graded-index fibersS E
gradient-index lensesS EEdmund Optics, Knight Optical
helium–neon lasersS EEdmund Optics, Sacher Lasertechnik
highly nonlinear fibersS E
holography devicesS ECNI Laser, TOPTICA Photonics
hot mirrorsS EArtifex Engineering, Edmund Optics, Shanghai Optics, VisiMax Technologies
index matching fluidsS E
infrared viewersS EEdmund Optics, Kentek
integrating spheresS EAMS Technologies, Artifex Engineering, Edmund Optics, Gentec Electro-Optics
interference filtersS EArtifex Engineering, LASEROPTIK, VisiMax Technologies, Vortex Optical Coatings
lamp power suppliesS EMegawatt Lasers
lamp-pumped lasersS ECNI Laser, Megawatt Lasers
laser cleaning machineryS E
laser enclosuresSKentek
laser safety curtainsSKentek
laser synchronization devicesS EAeroDIODE, Cycle, EKSMA OPTICS, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories, Menlo Systems, TOPTICA Photonics
laser viewing cardsS EEdmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS, HC Photonics, Kentek
light pipesS
measurement and calibration servicesS
microlens arraysS EHolographix, PowerPhotonic, Shanghai Optics
microlensesS EPowerPhotonic, Shanghai Optics
mid-infrared spectrometersS EDRS Daylight Solutions, Fastlite, NLIR
monochromatorsS EAPE, Inrad Optics, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories
multiple element lensesS
ophthalmology equipmentSTOPTICA Photonics
optical aperturesS EAcktar, Knight Optical
optical breadboardsS EAdvanced Photonic Sciences, Edmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS
optical cage systemsSSchäfter + Kirchhoff
optical choppersS EEdmund Optics
optical delay linesS EAPE, Fastlite, G&H, Thorlabs, UltraFast Innovations
optical energy metersS EGentec Electro-Optics
optical mountsSEKSMA OPTICS, Shanghai Optics, Universe Kogaku
optical prototyping systemsSShanghai Optics
optical rail systemsSEKSMA OPTICS
optical spectrum analyzersS ECNI Laser, HighFinesse
optical surface characterization equipmentS
optical tablesS EAdvanced Photonic Sciences
optics cleaning equipmentS EEdmund Optics
parabolic mirrorsS EEdmund Optics, Inrad Optics, Shanghai Optics
pinholesS EKnight Optical
polarization beam combining opticsS EEdmund Optics
positioning equipmentS
position-sensitive detectorsS EGentec Electro-Optics
prototype building and testingSShanghai Optics
pulse shapersS EFastlite, TeraXion
pulse stretchersS EiXblue, TeraXion
Raman amplifiersS EMPB Communications
retroreflectorsS EArtifex Engineering, Knight Optical, Shalom EO
scanning lensesS EDPM Photonics, EKSMA OPTICS, Shanghai Optics
semiconductor optical amplifiersS Eeagleyard Photonics, Sacher Lasertechnik, TOPTICA Photonics
single-photon sourcesSThorlabs
slitsS E
solar simulatorsS
spectral lampsS E
spectrographsS EIbsen Photonics, UltraFast Innovations
spun fibersS EiXblue
supercontinuum sourcesS EAdValue Photonics, FYLA LASER, GLOphotonics, Le Verre Fluore, Leukos, Menlo Systems, NKT Photonics, Thorlabs, TOPTICA Photonics
supermirrorsS ELASEROPTIK, OPTOMAN, UltraFast Innovations
superpolished opticsSEdmund Optics, G&H, Shalom EO
tapered amplifiersS Eeagleyard Photonics, Sacher Lasertechnik, TOPTICA Photonics
temperature controllersSAMS Technologies, Covesion
terahertz opticsS
terahertz sourcesS EAlpes Lasers, Menlo Systems, Sacher Lasertechnik, TOPTICA Photonics
terahertz spectrometersSHÜBNER Photonics, Menlo Systems, TOPTICA Photonics
time-resolved spectroscopy equipmentS ELight Conversion, NKT Photonics
transmission gratingsS EHolographix, Ibsen Photonics
tunable optical filtersS ETeraXion
ultrafast opticsS EEdmund Optics, EKSMA OPTICS, LASEROPTIK, OPTOMAN, Shalom EO, Thorlabs, UltraFast Innovations
variable reflectivity mirrorsS E
vibration isolation devicesS
wavelength-swept lasersS E
wavelength-tunable light sourcesS EAlpes Lasers, CNI Laser, DK Photonics, Radiantis, Stuttgart Instruments
wavemetersS EHighFinesse, Menlo Systems, TOPTICA Photonics

Column "To": S = list of suppliers for that product, E = encyclopedia article.

Third column: alternative suppliers are suppliers also offering such products while having an ad package. On their own company profile pages, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers.