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Nordair Systems

Clean air brings clean and reproducible results

Nordair Systems GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 18
20459 Hamburg
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Company Description

Nordair Systems focuses on designing and manufacturing clean room enclosures/cabinets for different applications in research and industrial environments. The enclosures are tailored to your application in an optics, microscopy, laser laboratory or industrial environment. All cabinets are manufactured from the aluminum profile, making assembly, extensions and customization easy.

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optical tablesS Eoptical tables from Nordair Systems

We provide a clean room enclosure for your optical table to protect your experimental setup against dust. Filter Fan Units equipped with HEPA F14 provide laminar flow, dust-free air for your optical setup. We also work with different manufacturers of optical tables and can provide you with a complete solution, including the optical tables, experimental setup enclosures and temperature control. Integrating the honeycomb breadboard and small optical tables inside the laminar flow box or clean room enclosure is also possible and needed in some applications. Custom requests are very welcome!

optics cleaning equipmentS Eoptics cleaning equipment from Nordair Systems

Dust contamination of optics can be prevented by installing a clean room enclosure around your working area or optical table. We provide customized clean room enclosures/cabinets with different grades of cleanliness (ISO5 to ISO8). We help you to select the right solution depending on your application, such as outgassing sensitive UV lasers, vibration-sensitive microscopes, or optical setup sensitive to airflows from filter fan units. Every enclosure is equipped with multiple filter fan units (FFU) containing HEPA F14 filters. These filters filter out not only dust but also aerosols and pollen, making your work environment safer.

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