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Octave Photonics

Advanced photonic chips made easy to use

Octave Photonics
325 W South Boulder Rd Suite B-1
Louisville, CO 80027
United States
Tel.:+1 720 213 5296
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Company Description

Octave Photonics makes photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and packages them into easy-to-use devices. Specializing in PICs for nonlinear optics, Octave’s devices allow for supercontinuum generation with exceptionally low pulse energies. Octave’s Comb-Offset Stabilization Module (COSMO) makes it simple to stabilize laser frequency combs to be stabilized via f-2f self-referencing. Octave also manufactures electro-optic frequency combs which provide femtosecond pulses with repetition rates of 5–30 GHz and can be used for astronomical spectrograph calibration.

Octave Photonics

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Star product: The comb-offset stabilization module (COSMO) provides a simple way to stabilize a laser frequency comb.

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Product categoryEncDescription
carrier–envelope offset measurement and stabilizationS Ecarrier--envelope offset measurement and stabilization from Octave Photonics

Octave Photonics offers the Comb-Offset Stabilization Module (COSMO), which offers a simple method for detection the carrier–envelope offset frequency for a laser frequency comb. The COSMO uses a nanophotonic chip, which enables f–2f self referencing with exceptionally low pulse energies, enabling low-power and high-repetition-rate combs.

See also our application note on Simplified offset stabilization of a low-noise 1 GHz oscillator!

frequency comb sourcesS Efrequency comb sources from Octave Photonics

Octave Photonics offers electro-optic frequency combs at 5 to 30 GHz repetition rates. These combs can be fully stabilized using Octave's nanophotonic chip technology.

optical resonatorsS Eoptical resonators from Octave Photonics

Octave Photonics can produce micro-ring resonators and package these chips into fiber-in, fiber-out devices. Contact Octave Photonics for more information on these customizable products.

supercontinuum sourcesS Esupercontinuum sources from Octave Photonics

Octave Photonics packages nanophotonic waveguides into easy-to-use fiber-optic devices. These waveguides can produce supercontinuum with less than 150 pJ of pulse energy.

waveguidesS Ewaveguides from Octave Photonics

Octave Photonics provides supercontinuum generation waveguides that are packaged into easy-to-use devices. These devices feature standard fiber connectors and enable femtosecond lasers to be broadened to octave-spanning supercontinuum with low pulse energies (<150 pJ). The devices can be customized depending on the desired output spectrum.


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