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Oplitec Ingenieurbüro


Oplitec Ingenieurbüro
Klaus-Dieter Scharf
Schlehenweg 4
78126 Königsfeld-Erdmannsweiler

Tel.:+49 7725 9 17 58 60
Fax:+49 7725 9 17 58 63

Company Description

Since its foundation in 2001, this engineering company led by Klaus Dieter Scharf has constituted a highly skilled partner for development and construction projects in the fields of precision engineering, optical, light and laser technologies.

We are able to design and further develop mechanical and optical components, systems and instruments, and can provide optical modelling, lighting engineering, simulations and 3D opto-mechanical design.

Through all phases, from conception, planning, development to integrated implementation with 3D software, we can guarantee innovative solutions of a high quality.

Our flexibility, with our rapid and expert consultation services, make us the perfect partner for your project.


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
optical design services

Oplitec offers design work in the areas of optics, lighting technology and fine mechanics. We use advanced simulation and design tools like ZEMAX, SolidWorks and others.