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The world's fastest OCT solutions.

Optores GmbH
Gollierstr. 70
80339 M√ľnchen

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Optores produces the world's fastest solutions for optical coherence tomography (OCT): wavelength-swept lasers with MHz and multi-MHz sweep rates, allowing for real-time and live 4D OCT.



optical coherence tomography instruments and components E

The Optores Megahertz system (OMES) is a complete OCT imaging solution that combines Optores' groundbreaking FDML laser and GPU processing technology to a turnkey research OCT system. With speeds beyond of 1.5 MHz, OMES provides continuous "4D" video-rate OCT to visualize three-dimensional sample structure in real time.

OMES are turnkey systems that are fully functional right out of the box while providing true research-grade access to raw data when needed.

wavelength-swept lasers E

The NG-FDML wavelength swept laser offers multi-MHz sweep rates, high output power (typically 100 mW) and a long coherence length in the centimeter range.

Optores introduces the world's first swept laser source with a sweep rate of up to 3 MHz for research applications. The NG-FDML wavelength swept laser is based on all-fiber Fourier-domain mode-locked (FDML) laser technology. Designed for record speed, the Optores swept laser also features long coherence lengths and very high output powers beyond 100 mW. Three configuration variants are available to match your requirements. All variants are available at either 1060 nm, 1310 nm or 1550 nm center wavelength.

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