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Photon LaserOptik

Photon LaserOptik

Photon LaserOptik
Ludwigstra├če 13
63110 Rodgau

Tel.:+49 6106 66 66 85
Fax:+49 6106 6 10 90 72

Company Description

Photon LaserOptik is a specialist for the highly precise processing of various kinds of optical elements just as a reliable and with regard to price attractive competitive partner for all areas of optical components uncoated and coated.

In particular, we are experts for the grinding and polishing of optical components, including cases with difficult geometries (e.g. for nonplanar monolithic ring resonators), delicate crystal materials, and with extreme requirements e.g. concerning geometric accuracy and surface quality. We are working e.g. with laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, microoptic components, lenses and plane optics. Besides, we offer the cost-effective repair of optical components.


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
cutting and polishing of optical materials

deep expertise for cutting and polishing of optical materials, including mechanically problematic novel materials, with high precision and surface quality

laser crystals

a specialist for the highly precise processing of laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, and other optical elements

nonlinear crystal materials

a specialist for the highly precise processing of laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, and other optical elements

nonplanar ring oscillators

fabrication of ring oscillators, other monolithic laser devices and generally for highly precise custom optics

optical windows

We finish optical windows from standard polish to high-power polish with lowest roughness for each application inclusive coatings or without.

repair services

We are professionals for repairing all kinds of optics and crystals in any geometry. We also are able to recoat the repaired optics for an absolutly competitive price in highest quality.

beam splitters
Brewster windows
custom optics
cylindrical lenses
dichroic mirrors
dielectric mirrors
electro-optic modulators
laser mirrors
laser resonators
optical materials
optical resonators
output couplers (output coupler mirrors)