RP Photonics

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Quantel Group

Quantel Group
2 bis, avenue du Pacifique BP23
Z.A. de Courtaboeuf – BP 23
91941 Les Ulis Cedex

Tel.:+33 1 69 29 17 00
Fax:+33 1 69 29 17 29


ProductAlternative Suppliers
diode bars
diode stacksDILAS Diodenlaser
dye lasers
fiber-coupled diode lasers (… and related equipment)DILAS Diodenlaser, RPMC Lasers
high-power lasers
laser-induced damage (damage threshold measurements and related equipment)
optical parametric oscillatorsEKSPLA, TOPTICA Photonics
Q-switched lasersEKSPLA, MONTFORT Laser, RPMC Lasers
tunable lasersEKSPLA, NKT Photonics, TOPTICA Photonics
YAG lasers

For suppliers with an ad package, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers. Only companies with enhanced productad package are listed as alternative suppliers.