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Optical components at better price

Office 16 D, Yujia Mansion
N°1336 HuaShan Road
Shanghai 200052
Tel.:+86 21 62 4861 1015
Website:web link

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Get your custom optical components at better prices. Since 2006 we provide optical components to most of the countries with significant optical industry. Contact us online to get a quick quote on your lenses, prisms, windows and filters– from UV to THz, from sub-millimeter components to one meter wide optical mirrors.


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cylindrical lensesS Ecylindrical lenses from Sinoptix

We offer cylindrical lenses up to 100 mm width, λ/4 surface quality with centering of 2 arcmin. Plano-convex cylindrical lens, plano-concave cylindrical lens, bi-concave & bi-convex cylindrical lens. Achromatic cylinder lenses are also available.

infrared opticsS Einfrared optics from Sinoptix

We offer IR optics in germanium, silicon, ZnSe, ZnS, BaF2, MgF2 or chalcogenide glass – lenses, prisms and windows. We do on demand manufacturing.

large diameter opticsS Elarge diameter optics from Sinoptix

We offer large optical components including borosilicate and fused silica windows, astronomical mirrors up to 1.5 mm diameter, with substrate in fused silica or zerodur.

lensesS Elenses from Sinoptix

We offer precision optics lenses from 0.5 mm to 500 mm diameter. Surface quality can reach λ/10. All optical materials available.

microlensesS Emicrolenses from Sinoptix

We offer microlenses and micro-optics downs to 0.3 mm, available with AR treatment.

optical windowsS Eoptical windows from Sinoptix

We provide optical windows down to λ/20 polishing, from 1 mm to 0.5 m diameter. All optical materials available.

parabolic mirrorsS Eparabolic mirrors from Sinoptix

We offer parabolic mirrors, off-axis parabolic mirrors, on glass or metal substrate. Custom high-reflection coatings.

plastic opticsS Eplastic optics from Sinoptix

We offer plastic injection lenses in PMMA, PC or COP, AR treatment possible. Plastic lens matrix and collimators are also available. Custom plastic optics.

prismsS Eprisms from Sinoptix

We offer custom optical prisms from 0.3 mm to 500 mm with up to λ/10 flatness and custom coatings.

terahertz opticsSterahertz optics from Sinoptix

We offer TPX windows and TPX lenses for THz applications.

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