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Stable Laser Systems


Stable Laser Systems
4946 63rd Street, Suite B
Boulder CO 80301
United States

Tel.:+1 303 542 0427
Fax:+1 303 542 0428

Company Description

Stable Laser Systems provides hardware, electronics, and complete systems for frequency stabilized lasers. Our components are proven to provide Hz-level linewidths and low frequency drift. Noise-eating hardware for stable frequency transfer is also available. SLS products are ideal for research laboratories, industrial/defense settings, and field applications. Systems are provided fully characterized and with performance warranty. Designs are available to match customer specification, and custom work is our forte, including rack-mounted systems and fiber-coupled cavities. Accelerate your research with our expert solutions and service!


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
stabilization of lasers (equipment for laser stabilization)Stable Laser Systems is the premier supplier of custom-designed components and systems for frequency stabilized lasers at any wavelength. We design robust breadboard, fully integrated, and lightweight, transportable rackmount systems with low frequency drift at sub-Hz to Hz linewidths for research laboratories, industrial settings, and field applications. From fiber-coupled cavities and transportable vacuum systems to Hz-level Ti:sapphire systems and auto-locking 1550 nm systems, we have the expertise to engineer your ideal system in a fraction of the time. Call us today to discuss your unique frequency stability needs.
Fabry-Perot interferometers
frequency metrology (equipment for …)
linewidth (narrow-linewidth lasers or equipment for linewidth measurements)
noise eaters
optical frequency shifters
optical metrology (… equipment)
phase noise (equipment for … measurements)
reference cavities

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