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Technica Optical Components, LLC

Technica Optical Components, LLC
3657 Peachtree Rd NE
Suite 10A
Atlanta, GA 30319
United States

Tel.:+1 404 326 3469
Fax:+1 775 420 4683
Social media:LinkedIn
Quality certification:ISO 9001:2008

Company Description

TECHNICA is a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial grade Fiber Bragg Gratings for sensing and filtering applications. Providing top-quality FBG sensors for strain, temperature, acceleration, angle-tilt, displacement, pressure, humidity, flow, load, and other monitoring using original and UTC, UIC and other licensed technologies. The company produces high-quality gratings at a competitive price for both high-volume and high-customization applications.

Technica's ISO 9001 flexible production system provides the company with the unique ability to manufacture premium grade FBGs in single mode fibers with acrylate, polyimide, metal, carbon and other coatings, in radiation resistant fibers, in low-bend radius fibers, and in multi-core fibers as well. Technica FBGs are currently mass-produced for the medical, energy, civil engineering, geotechnical, industrial, transportation, security and other markets.

Technica is headquartered in USA and its volume manufacturing facilities are based in Beijing, China.


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fiber Bragg gratings

Premium quality fiber Bragg gratings and FBG arrays for customized sensors, polyimide-coated sensors to 300 °C, gold-coated hermetically sealed sensors, small-diameter FBGs, radiation hard/proof sensors, tilted FBGs, and high-temperature FBG sensors to 1000 °C. We also produce FBG matched pairs for fiber lasers and athermal FBG wavelength references.

See also our white papers on Reinforced FBG Sensors Serve Demanding Applications and Gold and Steel Protected FBGs Enable Robust Sensing in Harsh and High Temperature Environments!

fiber-optic sensors (… and related equipment)

Premium quality fiber Bragg grating sensors and FBG array sensors in acrylate, polyimide, and gold coated fibers, specialized polyimide-coated sensors to 300 °C, high-T FBG sensors to 1,000 °C, radiation hard/proof sensors, bio-chem tilted FBG sensors and ultra-thin FBG sensors and arrays. We produce GFRP FBG cable sensors for embedding into concrete and other materials, Zeus PEEK FBG cable sensors for monitoring in transformers and chemically active environments, and vibration-sensitive cable sensors for security.

See also our white papers on Small-Diameter Thin FBGs Ideally Suited for Embedded Sensing in Composites and Technologies for high temperature fibre Bragg gratings!

add-drop multiplexers
Bragg gratings
contract manufacturing
design and development services
fiber cables
optical filters
optical sensors
strain sensors
temperature sensors
vibration sensors
wavelength division multiplexing (equipment for …)


promotion of Technica Optical Components
promotion of Technica Optical Components
promotion of Technica Optical Components
promotion of Technica Optical Components

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