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Technologie Manufaktur

Technologie Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG
Hannah-Vogt-Str. 1
37085 Göttingen
Tel.:+49 551 270765-1
Website:web link

Company Description

Innovation is and remains a process that depends on real people, their individual experience and their skills. Specialized knowledge that is well-founded and the use of state-of-the-art technologies provide the foundations upon which we develop new solutions.

The “Manufaktur Idea” governs everything we do: Craftsmanship results in tailor-made products, not mass produced goods. Products we can stand behind, products about which we have something valuable to say. Technology is our craft – we are Technologie Manufaktur.

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design and development servicesS

We are a full service provider with expertise in all areas of device development – from optical design through to sensors and electronics, automation and evaluation software.

Furthermore, we can call upon the expertise of our network of partner companies and institutions.

Our customers from industry and science profit from our many years of experience in the development of microscopes, spectroscopes, polarization optics, and camera-based devices.

microscopesS Emicroscopes from Technologie Manufaktur

Technologie Manufaktur offers industrial microscopes:

  • the LD process microscope, a long distance microscope with 1 μm resultion, specially designed for in-situ use on vacuum or process chambers
  • the ULD process microscope, an ultra-long distance device (up to 500 mm observation distance), reach 3.6 μm resolution
monochromatorsS Emonochromators from Technologie Manufaktur

Our Hyperchromator was especially developed for ISTEQ’s laser-pumped XWS-30 to optimally use the extremely high luminance and the large wavelength range of this powerful light source also for spectral isolation. Being particularly suitable for UV and deep UV, it covers the wavelength range from 190 nm to 2200 nm. It can be controlled via USB interface.

opto-mechanicsS Eopto-mechanics from Technologie Manufaktur

The art of optomechanics is to implement highly technical requirements in the smallest of spaces while keeping cost and effort within reasonable limits.

To do this, we start early in the development process with the optical design and incorporate the resulting models, beam paths and tolerance analyses directly into the development of the optomechanics. Therefore, from the beginning, we know both the micrometer-precise positions and tolerances of the individual components as well as the spatial limitations and necessary beam folds.

Thanks to our many years of experience in optomechanics, we are familiar with proven design approaches and know where special measures are required without losing sight of cost.

prototype building and testingSprototype building and testing from Technologie Manufaktur

Optical prototyping, i.e. the optomechanical construction of the prototype and the development of its electronics, takes place at Technologie Manufaktur parallel to the work on the breadboard in the laboratory. For this reason, there is usually not much time between construction of the demonstrator and completion of the prototype.

Our well-equipped workshop allows us to build the prototype quickly, adjust it precisely and to measure its performance. We can carry out MTF measurements on lenses, measure the surfaces of optical elements interferometrically and record spectra from UV to near-infrared. We use a flow box for dust-free production. The mechanical means required for the prototype are manufactured in the workshops of our suppliers.

white light sourcesS Ewhite light sources from Technologie Manufaktur

The LS-WL1 is a highly flexible laser-pumped white light source (based on a laser-pumped converter phosphor) for the wavelength range of 450 – 700 nm – with extremely high luminance (440 mW optical power) and high efficiency. Programmable modes allow for stroboscope and triggered operation.

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